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    French League Network Game Starting Soon

    Anyone over 18 from the UK interested in doing a French League network game. If you are interested add me on Steam. My Steam name is boydy122
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    Anyone Who Speaks English Fancy A Network Game

    Hiya just looking for people in the UK or speaks good English fancy a network game. I am looking for someone with a good computer/laptop and good broadband so they can process through the days quickly after we set our teams, tactics, training up etc. If you are someone who takes forever to do...
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    UK People Wanted For Prem or Championship Save

    I am looking for people close to my age which is 31 but happy to have a network game with people younger as long as you like under 18, looking for a long term network game with Prem or Championship teams, if you are interested then let me know your Steam name in here please and I will add you.