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  1. Mike

    FM20: Frustration and Rage Thread

    How on God's given Earth has this baby-faced numpty won Manager of the Year ahead of me? My win ratio was 94%, our team scored 2 more and conceded 4 fewer than PSG, and we won the league undefeated. PSG lost in the league twice.. both against me! :mad:
  2. Mike

    Norwich won Premiership in first season 95 points 3-4-1-2-Libero Dominator-by Vujevic

    Still using original tactic with Monaco, currently on a 29 league match unbeaten run and 7 points ahead of PSG in 2nd place. Not playing on beta
  3. Mike

    Norwich won Premiership in first season 95 points 3-4-1-2-Libero Dominator-by Vujevic

    Having more success with the original tactic, although 3-2-3-2 still effective. Took over AS Monaco when they were 12th in the league and ended the season in 2nd place after winning 13 in a row, and winning the Coupe de France. Superb tactics!
  4. Mike

    Norwich won Premiership in first season 95 points 3-4-1-2-Libero Dominator-by Vujevic

    Having some decent results with Monaco using the original tactic. Nice work! Do you recommend using the new tactic?
  5. Mike

    BJT – 433 / Liverpool 101 Points, All Cups / Klopp, Pep, Jose Inspired

    BJT - did you take training and individual training yourself, or did you delegate? Played 4 or 5 games at the end of the season with Wolves and had a mixed bag of results.
  6. Mike

    BJT – 433 / Liverpool 101 Points, All Cups / Klopp, Pep, Jose Inspired

    Playing as Wolves, my tactic stopped working so giving this a go in the next pre-season.
  7. Mike

    Signing youth candidates

    Just had this message in my inbox: My question is: how do I automatically sign them after their trials come to an end? I must apologise if there is a simple answer, but I've always only managed Arsenal and they get signed automatically by a member of staff. I currently have my Head of Youth...
  8. Mike

    Scouting loaned players

    This may be a silly question; how do I select a certain member of staff to scout a loaned player? It seems it's defaulted to my Chief Scout and I want to change this. I'm sure I saw it under Staff Responsibilities in a previous version but can't seem to find it now (unless I am completely...
  9. Mike

    Why can't I approach to sign player?

    Don't often create threads but this particular circumstance is wracking my brain. Saido Berahino is just 6 months away from walking away from West Brom on a free, but I don't seem to have the option of offering him a contract without the need of a transfer. Any help will be greatly...
  10. Mike

    Be The Next Superboss - The Aftermath

    After a successful British player career story (CLICK HERE to view the story), Britain's legends have dipped their toes into the world of coaching and management: they are ready to become the new Superboss! All players used are those who enjoyed the privilege of being in the first edition of...
  11. Mike

    Be The Next Superstar - Britain Taking Over

    Great Britain has been lucky enough to have an influx of youth wonderkids in their teams' ranks. YOU could be the next legend! You will all start at a club of your choice - this can be any club in the world - and you'll make your way through the footballing world to become the next British...
  12. Mike

    Kit Templates Download Section

    In this thread, you'll find the latest kit templates available to download. Please feel free to link kit templates that aren't in this section as of yet. To download each of the kit templates individually, click the links beneath the relevant kit template. If you would like all the kit...
  13. Mike

    Request Your Kits Here!

    Calling all kit-makers! This is the one-stop shop for all your kit requests. In here, post your kit request using the following template, and the idea behind this is instead of posting in numerous request threads and waiting for that one user to complete your request, anybody who has the time...
  14. Mike

    KotW Cup Semi Final Voting

    The top two scoring entrants will proceed into the final. Voting ends midday on Saturday, 25th May. Mike GGGG75 TheGuide Steve*
  15. Mike

    KotW Cup Semi Final

    For this round, you must choose any World Cup Final and make kits relevant to what they were wearing on the day e.g. The Netherlands played in orange vs. Spain's navy in 2010. Please state which year the final took place, and name the teams involved. The two entrants with the most votes will...
  16. Mike

    KotW Cup Prelim Voting

    As this is the preliminary round, and there are only 10 entrants, four will go through straight to the semi final. Mike GGGG75 El_Wulfio Dakano 7REW7 Amdi Peter bryancrues Steve* silky smooth TheGuide
  17. Mike

    KotW Cup Premilinary Round

    FA Cup Finals - 2008-2013 Your task for the preliminary round is simple: you must find any FA Cup Final from and including 2008 up until the most recent, this year. Create a home kit for the home drawn team in that final and an away kit for the away drawn team. For example, the 2008 Final was...
  18. Mike

    KotW Week 35 Voting

    Mike - Chelsea 7REW7 - Arsenal Dakano - Coventry City bryancrues - Borussia Dortmund BronzyCoder - Partick Thistle GGGG75 - AEK Athens Adolfo - Cambridge United silky smooth - Hajduk Split Chokopop - AS Roma Amdi Peter - Juventus
  19. Mike

    KotW Week 35: Final Week

    Week 35 is upon us, and it's the final week. This week, all you need to do is enter your supported team, home nation, favourite colour... whatever. No guidelines, just make a kit for whoever you like :) These rules must be followed at all times. Anybody failing to adhere to these simple...
  20. Mike

    KotW Week 34 Voting

    Mike GGGG75 gaza019 abreyy Dakano El_Wulfio 7REW7 Amdi Peter TheGuide greenz