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    Hey guys over the past few years i have been using Graphicsguru to import custom kits but i cant seem to find a working download for the program now since i had to reboot my pc
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    Where Are They Now..... Past Wonderkids

    Pretty self explanatory..... Find a previous Fm/CM wonderkid and post a screen shot just to see where they are Ill start with FREDDY ADU
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    has anyone had any success with him planning on a toon career and dont know if i should cash in on end of 1st season?
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    Macky Bagnack

    Has anyone used him or can someone show me a developed SS, really tempted for 500k :)
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    Selling Newcastle Players

    I was just wondering whats the most anyone has received for Newcastle players who are at the club from the begging? Tried cashing in on Sissoko first window and most i get offered is about 22 mil in installments also had Janmatt got to UTD for 33 mil in first window :)
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    Unable To Recall LOAN PLAYERS

    I find sometimes theirs a player out on loan who you cannot recall, on 15 it was Santon at Newcastle and this year it was Quintero at FCP, if you offer a loan Extension and then include the 'Can be recalled' you can recall them the same day the offer accepted by your club :) it doesn't always...
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    Harchester United

    Just a quick question as i hav e been re watching dream team, is there a Harchester DB? or is it something someone would be interested in? if so im happy making it :) and would anyone like to help out with players/stats/Ages and financial stuff?
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    Custom Kit Needed

    Hey there and thanks in advance im after a home away and 3rd newcastle kit home-black and white away- dark green/blue 2rd silver, please be as creative as you like in addition i would like the WWE network or WWE logo as sponsor and nike as the brand :) i can sort out XML etc my self :) and again...
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    Players Not in the Game

    I was just wondering if any one had a list of players who are not in the game as there too young 14/15/16 ??
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    I intend to start my first story with my beloved Newcastle Please follow :)
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    Hey there i was just wondering if anyone could make the Leeds United Retro Kits for me with TOP MAN as sponsor current kit template is fine eg, badge, kit make. planning on doing a leeds story
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    Dragons Reborn

    Im going to attempt to create a HARCHESTER UNITED Database unlike many others this is not a LEGENDS database, Harchester have been brought back form the ashes by a multi millionaire Chairman I am aiming to create players from previous seasons who would still be playing, so unfortunately no...