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    How to make Rangers bankrupt?

    I'm rebooting my FM up and just wondering how I can make this happen..
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    Friendly, pre-season Tours

    Where would be the best place to tour? and what exactly will I achieve from doing tours rather than doing regular friendlies?
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    Editing in a network game?

    If I edit say youth development for both teams me and my friend are going to go, will the edit affect my friend or will I have to send him the edited file as well?
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    I installed yesterday and got this error on load up just now

    Can somebody help me please? http://img337.imageshack.us/img337/4871/wtflm.jpg
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    I have a few questions..

    What new leagues does FM12 offer? Are Regens the same as last year? ^^) Thank you.
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    Is this possible?

    Is it possible to start a network game with an edited database? I want to start a FM12 save with my friend you see, hopefully it is as it will be sick to do.
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    Was there ever a fix for the International callups glitch?

    I'm just wondering since one of the Regens in the game is absolutely amazing yet I can't add him to my England squad.. :'( was there ever any sort of fix for this horrible bug?
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    FM is kind of bad at times

    Why when I leave a club where I bought so many amazing players had great finances amazing stature, success, somebody who comes into the manager role after you, destroy everything you built? Everton on my game now have 18 players only in the first team, he has sold literally every great player in...
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    Players that you start to hate on FM

    Do you start to hate them IRL to? I tend to do this a lot, hoping I'm not crazy...XD
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    Appointed Chile manager (Squad call up help)

    Yet I cannot recall Alexis Sanchez back to the squad even when there was a new squad selection... it is 2015 and the qualifiers for the world cup have not yet started so I can't see the problem. I left my great job at Belarus who where actually 4th in the world rankings due to a great world...
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    If I use FMRTE, does the Regen used still gradually get better or....?

    Will that be his final stats? I haven't used it before properly and also could not find anything of this sort on the internet, can somebody help please?, thank you. ---------- Post added at 09:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:43 PM ---------- 41 views and no replies... does nobody know...
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    Anybody ever managed a Spanish second division B4 team?

    I'm currently trying my hand down there for the Spanish steam achievement, can anybody recommend me some players for a full Spanish database?8-|8-| I signed a lot of old 'ok' players and one kid named Gael Etock (Could be class) but i'm currently 11th and struggling, any help please?
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    You have been playing well recently, keep it up!!

    Why do players complain when you say this to them? :( Then they leave and are then ****** off because you praised them :S
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    Absolutely devastated here (takeover)

    I got the message (for the first time ever!) that I will be getting taken over by some former player, so obviously i'm happy and can't wait to hopefully push the La Liga title for Villarreal. I'm currently on a 6 game unbeaten run and lie 4th in La Liga, 1 point behind both Barcelona, Real...
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    Why is Torres injured at the start?

    for 6 weeks.......? odd.
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    Teams trolling you with loans lol

    Why do teams offer you a player on loan and then when you accept then say "no, they will not send him on loan to rival"? what is the point in this?
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    I just made a new game as Xerez and changed their kit to black and orange but only the commentary bar has changed and not the actual kit its self, why is this?. (This was done in the editor btw.)
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    Annoying problem

    I just made a new game as Xerez and changed their kit to black and orange but only the commentary bar has changed and not the actual kit its self, why is this?. (This was done in the editor btw.)
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    Starting a new game who should i go?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place mods :) Who should i go? I feel like a challenge but don't fancy something like Blue sqaure xD any suggestions lads?