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    Speeding up FM

    Hi guys, me and my mate have just started a network game, my game is just running as normal however his game is running really slow, when i have finished my games he is about half an hour into his. So..i just wondered what ways we could speed it up?? Like does it make a difference if it is in...
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    FM 2007 Tactics

    Hi guys, I know this is in the wrong section but i don't suppose anyone looks in the 2007 section anymore, i was getting bored with FM 2011 so i dragged out my old copy of the 2007 version, i'm playing as hull and i just wondered if anyone knew of any good tactics from this year? maybe a...
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    Have a look at this tactic!

    Right, i have come across a tactic which i think will be great. It is not my tactic i just found it. I've only played three games, so it is early to say how good it is, but the signs are good. I know i haven't hammered teams in these games but the impressive thing is the amount of...
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    Who to buy for hull city?

    Right i'm on the new 11.3 patch. I have 500k to spend, please could someone suggest me some players to buy in the following positions: DL MC AML AMR Thanks :)
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    My Centre Back scored 42 goals in a season!

    Just thought i'd share this as i thought it was quite special
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    Quick Question

    I am currently managing Blackpool, and am using inside forwards so would like David Vaughan to play as the AMR so he can cut inside on his left foot, however he is Ineffectual in that position. I am retraining him to play AMR and i wondered whether it is actually possible to do this or if a...
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    Highest Online Level - Fifa

    Hi Guys, Just wondering what is the highest online level on fifa that you can reach?? Does it stop somewhere? Im stuck in between level 23 and 24
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    The Fifa 11 Trophy - PS3 Tournament

    I am looking for 7 more people to enter the tournament. I will make sure this doesn't die and will update regularly, please post your PSN and the team you wish to be (any leagues). The tournament will start when all 16 spots have been filled when i will then make the draw. Extra Time and...
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    Hidden Gems

    Hey guys, I know its early days yet, has anyone found any hidden gems in the game? Any Bargains available?
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    How to add tactics to FM Live??

    Hi, Getting bored of FM 2010 now so thought i'd join FM Live til FM 2011 comes out. I've created my team and i want to add my tactic from fm 2010 to the game but i'm not sure how to?? Anybody know if it is possible?
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    Patch 10.3.0 activation code error?

    Hi guys, Just finished downloading the update, chnaged the file to .exe, everything seemed to be updating fine but then when i go to start the game, a message comes up saying i need to enter an activation code for the game. I entered the one on the back of the cd manual but it didn't work. Any...
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    Buy Price

    Hey Guys, Just wondered if there was a buy price icon for fm2010 like there was for last years version, using this you could see how much you had to pay to buy players and it saved a lot of time doing transfers. If there isn't does anyone intend on making one? Thanks for your help
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    1v1 Network Game Starting Now!

    Anyone want to play a network game using hamachi??? League: English Premier League Database 10.2 patch Starting: as soon as possible
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    1 vs 1 Network Game?

    About to start a network game if anyone is interested, using just the english leagues, preferably want to be lower premier league teams. Anybody want to play? ---------- Post added at 06:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:41 PM ---------- No-one want to play? :(
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    FM United

    Hi guys, I've just made a custom database and i thought i would share it with you. I've made a team called FM United and put them in the Premier League instead of Burnley who are now in the championship. The team is owned by miles jacobson, a rich sugar daddy of a chairman. The team has no...
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    UAE Leagues

    Just created a League in the UAE with 21 Divisions and all the best clubs. I noticed that there are a lot of created leagues which have a lot of divisions at the same level but i decided to have 1 league at each level. Theres 16 teams in each division, with the clubs reputation deciding what...