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  1. White Europe

    91 points with Villa first season(Mr. Rosler Tweak)

    White Europe uploaded 91 points with Villa first season(Mr. Rosler Tweak) Leave feedback below.
  2. White Europe


    White Europe uploaded 352 Leave feedback below.
  3. White Europe

    Oh Janni Serra

    White Europe uploaded Oh Janni Serra Leave feedback below.
  4. White Europe

    Tweaked Spirit of 99

    White Europe uploaded Tweaked Spirit of 99 Leave feedback below.
  5. White Europe

    4132/4312 tweak of gladiator and sir goalalot

    underdog test: top team test: the tactics: trainning?: leave it to assistant OI's?: Never use them, but you can try it Top question in every thread. 1. will this tactic work with any team? yes 2. what u do when getting a red card? nothing 3. how do you use this...
  6. White Europe

    4-1-4-1 Gengenpress with very defensive formatiom.

    tactic: Table after few matches: trainning for *** man, no OI's, more results to come...
  7. White Europe

    Lets tweak: Darmstad(Malte72tweak)

    The tactic: http://www.filedropper.com/5311d645e090-551c-4bdd-a62d-c8ffaddee486 The main tactic as i said its a tweak of Malte72 tactic so big credit for him The second tactic for easier matches or when u need the goal: http://www.filedropper.com/532fdcc32f6-82d9-45d0-9029-cf6cab958dca Team...
  8. White Europe

    tweak of Giannis the Greek tactic for my favourite 4123 for FMT

    the tactic med prediction the test with Brema tactics: http://www.filedropper.com/attack41238ba5e88f-d130-46f5-8220-1ac69bf28ca4 atack http://www.filedropper.com/standard412345d54afa-9237-4a08-8e1b-2c9d1212264d standard...
  9. White Europe


    Hi All. Tactics tested with two clubs all games played in instant result mode on FMT. Middelsborough test: Chelsea test: Trainning: -In FMT mode trainning is always done by my AssMan. -In Full mode Def pos for away matches and Att mov for home matches will work best, general trainning...
  10. White Europe

    People gonna puke... yes it's another 442flat formation

    3 Tactics: http://www.filedropper.com/424d7d09588-0618-46f8-aa6e-8423ebb3b50b_1 http://www.filedropper.com/424awayf9eaf13e-a495-4710-889c-063a2b5f8e5d http://www.filedropper.com/424attack58724f91-8a16-40b2-a2fe-e7f38c690db5 bologna med pred 17 no transfers herta test med pred 16 with...
  11. White Europe

    Let's Go Champ!(for lower leagues)

    There are 3 different tactics: First one is for away matches or hard home matches: AWAYv2_E74FB2E1-D930-423E-949F-8021E277CFB6 Second one is for home matches: HOMEv2_5BAE646F-9327-4EBD-8DDA-FAEAD21F0ABF The last one use only if u have great Target Man for home matches: GOOD...
  12. White Europe

    4231 Deep Tribute to fm base community

    Hi. This tactic is tweaks of many other tactics from the site, so big credit to tactic creators and to members for ideas;) Everton test: Full game, with transfers(personal save), OI to *** Man, media pred 7. Utrecht test: Full game, no transfers, OI to *** man, media pred 9. Newcastle...
  13. White Europe

    Deep/Flat 442(tff, knap, mrL tweak)

    First of all big credits to TFF, KNAP, Mr.L Everton test: Wisla Krakow test: OI's: As u can see its not best scoring tactic, but if u have good players for it is very good in defence and scores fair enough;) U will need left footed left winger and right footed right winger, Target Man...
  14. White Europe

    Tribute to Piranha2014 Another TFF Tweak

    All credit goes to Best tactic creator TFF;) Herta Berlin Test Media Prediction 15, No transfers: fixtures: The tactic: 532_094AC91E-A5B6-4DC7-8444-D4201AE8E71C Full Game Test With Montpellier media prediction 9, no transfers(half season so far): fixtures: team: training for FMT...