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  1. WJ

    current recommended ability? IGE question

    I don't know much about editing, but I'd assume the attributes will then stay as you've entered them.
  2. WJ

    current recommended ability? IGE question

    If his current ability is 122, it will be 122. You've imported attributes and the game tells you the CA should be 192. Since the CA isn't that and only 122, the attributes will reduce to match the 122 CA.
  3. WJ


    The facilities will be the same. Whether the training is better will depend on the coaches. I would disagree in general though. You're messing up the training schedule for the youngster. He's training on the same days as the first team players who, for example, play on a Wednesday and Saturday...
  4. WJ

    Wrong stadium during 3D match

    No. Licencing issues prevent stadiums from looking close to their real life versions.
  5. WJ

    [20.2.4] 2039 Match Engine!

    It's a beta before the .3 update.
  6. WJ

    Female Players

    It's not nearly popular enough to be added to FM. Miles has been quoted as saying attendance figures would need to be Championship levels before it gets added.
  7. WJ

    [20.2.4] 2039 Match Engine!

    It's sold as a streamlined version of the full game. It isn't a demo. There is literally a free demo for someone who wants to give the game a try.
  8. WJ

    [20.2.4] 2039 Match Engine!

    It's not available for FMT.
  9. WJ

    FM 2020, The death of the casual player?

    I've been using the same tactic (my own) for 3 seasons now. AI teams don't get "used to" how you play. The become more defensive or more attacking depending on your team's rep and form. If that changes dramatically, the adjustments will be more pronounced. If you're already a top team, there's...
  10. WJ

    ME loophole

    You're putting your assistant in charge if you go on holiday, so it means he's doing a better job in those matches.
  11. WJ

    Players determination dropping?

    Really difficult to say with just that screenshot for information. You should be getting reports from your staff. Did anyone mention anything related to this? It could be Mentoring or the squad's overall personality.They could also be taking after an influential player in the same social group...
  12. WJ

    FM20 Small Tips Thread

    It's under "Technical", but it doesn't affect upcoming matches. It trains Attributes, so don't expect finishing to improve overnight.
  13. WJ

    Last pass: How to make your Strikers force to 'death pass'?

    No, it isn't. It's possible to get players to be less selfish, but at the same time, players are a bit too selfish when their individual mentality is ramped up (very attacking team mentality + attack duty etc). Watch someone like Lollujo and you'll see how many times he gets his players to...
  14. WJ

    Last pass: How to make your Strikers force to 'death pass'?

    Shoot Less Often and Take More Risks could help.
  15. WJ

    Defensive Tips?

    Either play with a deeper line so that there's less space behind or put more pressure on the player(s) playing those passes.
  16. WJ

    FM20: Frustration and Rage Thread

    No. 20.2.3 Changelist ----------------------- - Stability fixes - Fixes for those unable to see In-Game Editor when activated
  17. WJ

    Are you enjoying Football Manager 2020?

    Both of these have one potential reason - game speed. It's a niche game compared to the bigger games out there so it still needs to be accessible to as many people as people, including those on older PCs or laptops and then there's FMT that needs to work on tablets as well. That's also why we...
  18. WJ


    Once you click on Medical Center there would be a report from a physio or head of sports science. Mine says "I feel that overall the current training workload is unlikely to see a higher than normal amount of injuries etc etc etc" Then, the line below that report : "We have seen a 28% decrease...
  19. WJ


    What does your Medical Centre say about the number of injuries?
  20. WJ

    Stupid questions?

    Not sure if it'll work here, but let's see. Have a small/quick question that's not worth opening an entire thread for? Not sure how something works? Not sure what something means? Post here and let us see if we can help! The question may be small or 'stupid' but if you don't ask, you may never...