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  1. Disclaimer89

    Football Manager Confessions...What's yours?

    Confession...I tend to, during high pressure games or during high emotion situations, talk to my screen. I could be talking to a player for example as I click 'release on a free'. I don't just mean shout at my screen during a match but actually talk to my players out loud. "Look, yes, you've...
  2. Disclaimer89

    Are chairman games no longer popular?

    Hey guys, I used to run a few chairman games - I ran one for FM 13, 14 and 15. I was just wondered, as I've not seen any about, are they no longer popular? I assume someone would have created one for 2017. Thanks.
  3. Disclaimer89

    Team OP all of a sudden..update?

    Has there been a subtle update released in the last day or so? (Last update I see is from 15th December) I'm asking as I have a decent tactic that I've used with another throughout the past 2 seasons. I has wokred ok, sometimes with mixed results. Now, in season 3 all of a sudden using this...
  4. Disclaimer89


  5. Disclaimer89

    Love FM..but no time to play it?

    So as the title suggests, I work a lot which leaves me next to no time to play FM..which is a darn shame! Wondering how the rest of you addicts keep up the FM stories and such when working full time? Man, how I miss university life...a lot more free time to enjoy FM :P
  6. Disclaimer89

    FM Skin to show match stats in different views

    Just wondering if there is any skins you guys know of to enhance the 'match report screen' with different views and such. The only skins I've found concentrate on the player's profile, tactics and the fm overlay. -Would like to be able to nicely display who assisted each goal (in a better view...
  7. Disclaimer89

    Damien Duff - A Duff Story

    Ps. As I work a lot, I am unsure how frequent the updates will be but I will hope to get a few out every couple of days... Thanks goes to Lippo for the hilarious banner! Cheers.
  8. Disclaimer89

    mods - please delete

  9. Disclaimer89

    Roy Keane - A Cobh Ramblers Journey

    Keano returns to his Roots! Throughout this story, I will be playing the role of Ireland Legend Roy Keane as he embarks on a new managerial career with his boyhood club, Cobh Ramblers, who he played for before moving to England. I will try and stay true to his personally as much as...
  10. Disclaimer89

    Injuries not showing in News/Inbox

    Has anyone come across this?...Any time I start a new career I dont get notified of any injuries in my messages. I'll go into the tactics screen and I'll see a player has been injured but yet no notification for it. -In subscriptions all of the injuries options are ticked. -It works fine...
  11. Disclaimer89

    Mods - Delete Please

    Nevermind. Mods remove. Cheers.
  12. Disclaimer89

    Disclaimer89's English Premier League Chairman Game - FM 2015 Edition

    Disclaimer89's English Premier League Chairman Game ##There have been rule changes made since the last game, small tweaks!## For those who don't know what a Chairman game is, it's essentially a game where 20 people become the chairmen of all the clubs in a league, and they become responsible...
  13. Disclaimer89

    Gauging people's interest in my Yearly Chairman Game?

    Hey guys, Seen a few threads lately of people asking if there was any chairman games running. I've been considering running my yearly game for a while now; maybe start this weekend. Wanted to see if there is enough interest first before committing. Comment below if anyone is interested so...
  14. Disclaimer89

    Preseason fears!

    Preseason Injury Fears! So as the tittle states...Coming round to the start of a new season I always get the preseason injury fear! Unlike previous FM games, you now have to be extremely careful on managing a player's fitness level. I am currently on my 4th season with Spurs and every...
  15. Disclaimer89

    Keeping Your Original Squad Together...

    So I started up my usual Spurs save to test 2015 out, haven't had much chance due to work commitments. I checked my team and looks like we have quite a few good rated players... ANYWAY... The point of this thread is to find out when you guys start a new save with a team you like/support, do...
  16. Disclaimer89

    Starting my Managerial Career...

    Football Manager 15 is now live, as we all know. I am excited to get started! I wanted to kick this year's game off with a story rather than simply jumping head first into any old game. A story tends to give it more structure and keeps your interest in the save! Lots of people have been...
  17. Disclaimer89

    FM base under spam attack? :s

    Usually we just get the rare ''Kitchens for sale'' spam... But the general chat is being spammed like crazy! I dont need help with my marriage fool! So yeah mods, tried messaging one of you to have a look! Maybe this will get your attention, if you missed my inbox message :) EDIT: Seems you...
  18. Disclaimer89

    FMC: Training new position

    Obviously there is no option for this in the Classic mode. So I'm guessing if I want to training someone in another position, I just keep playing them in the new position and they will eventually get used to it? Anyone got any insight into this, I am new to the classic mode! Cheers!
  19. Disclaimer89


    Just wondering do many people play on this mode? I used to avoid it like the plague due to it not having all the features such as individual training, hiring multiple scouts and coaches(I think you can only hire an assistant manager)...the rest is covered for you along with a few other...
  20. Disclaimer89

    "Give injection"...

    Another injury....sigh. Anyway, after another playeer got injured I got the 'give injection' option, to get to get through the next game but then will be out injured for even longer compared to if you didn't use that option. So has me wondering, do many of you ever use this option? I guess...