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    Combination of player roles and duties?

    I want to ask you according to you which player roles and duties can be combinated?
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    Suggestion for improving tactic

    Hello! I want to ask can you give me advise for improving my tactic
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    Jupp Heynckes in fm 17

    Hello! On the occasion of return of Jupp Heynckes in Bayern Munich. I would like to ask you according to you how it will look his tactic in FM 17?
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    Attempt to re-create geggenpressing

    Hello! I want to re-create geggenpressing. I want to ask you what to change?
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    What I'm wrong

    Hello! I play with RB Leipzig and i want ask you what to change , because i have problems with defence.
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    Italian system, direct football and counter attack

    Hello! I want to create three tactics. First recreating italian system for control and good defence ,second direct football for attack and third counter compact football against better team. I want to ask you according to you which player roles are suitability for these three tactics?
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    Question about tactic

    Hello guys! have three tactics that have issues where my mistakes First tactic -
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    Hello I want to play 1-3-3-3 formation , but i don't know which roles and duty to use? Can you help me
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    Hello my team is Monaco This is my team instruction 2015-02-02 17.35.43.jpg - Prikachi.com споделяне на снимки в Интернет and this formation 2015-02-02 17.35.58.jpg - Prikachi.com споделяне на снимки в Интернет this is my goal for player position monaco.png - Prikachi.com споделяне на снимки...