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    Money in classic mode

    Is there still no way I can edit clubs finances in Classic mode?
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    Classic Version

    Is there still not a real time editor out for the classic version of the game?
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    Transfer budgets

    Anyone got a list of the best teams transfer budgets and what they are? I've looked at a few - Chelsea, Barca, Monaco but they seem to be quite low. Who's got the highest?
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    A few issues for me.

    First of all, I think this year is possibly the best yet. The gameplay itself (FMC) suits my life down to a tee, as I have a full time job and a family. I don't have time to go through all the intricate details that the full version needs me to. However, a couple of problems I can't get around...
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    Add/Remove Leagues on FMC

    I'm trying to add/remove leagues on FMC but there doesn't seem to be an option for this? Have I missed something?
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    More help needed.

    So I've found the data editor on Steam, downloaded it, picked a team to start a new game with and edited what I wanted to. Started up a new game but nothings changed. Does anyone have a guide to follow incase I'm doing something wrong? Or maybe a real time editor yet? I'm playing FMC if that...
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    The stories worth reading thread

    Like many a other on this site, I really enjoy reading a good story and getting a bit of inspiration to start/carry on with my FM game. I also get peeved when I click on stories after stories to find the same old, same old. So I thought, maybe we could have a thread where by if you read a good...
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    How many

    Stories do you see started a day and then finished with something like... I can't load my game up anymore... or my laptops broke... I enjoy reading other people adventures on FM more than I do creating one myself but this is just getting ridiculous now... RANT OVER! ;)
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    Players to random different clubs DB?

    Anyone know if theres a database out there that has players gone to random different clubs. There was a DB like this for an old school Champ Manager. For example, Rooney playing for Carlisle, Ronaldo - Everton, Kaka - Sunderland, Buffon - Forest Green. Dya know what I mean? Or maybe a DB that...
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    Pre game editor

    As my editor has messed up and whilst i'm trying to fix the problem, I was wondering if theres a pre game editor for fm 09 knockin around anywhere?
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    XRC resource 'Mainframe' (class 'wxFrame') not found!

    That is the message I now get when I try to get into the data editor. The last time I used the data editor was about 2 weeks ago and everything was fine. I have done nothing else with FM apart from download a new skin but surely that wouldn't effect it. I have trawled the internet but no luck...
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    No nets?!

    When viewing the game in 3d, I have no nets. Infact, I have no goals at all. As luck would have it, I only watch the game in 2d, but was just wondering if anyone encountered the same problem and how could I fix it. I also have no numbers on the kits when i'm on the tactics screen aswell if this...
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    Numbers not showing up on tactics screen?

    On my tactics screen where all the players are showing on the 'pitch', on the right hand side, I have no shirt numbers showing for the players. I've had it for a while but after looking through some more threads this morning, it's clear that I am the only one this has happened to. Anyone know why?
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    Cant be manager of Djibouti

    I loaded up a new game and loaded up all players from Djibouti to start as them, but when I go to their team, there is no option to take control. Why?
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    Fulham - Free all players

    Just finished a season with Fulham on the free all players and no work permits. Interesting season which Man Utd and Liverpool got relegated. Villa stormed the league title and I come 2nd with Fulham. I feel that next season will be a lot harder though when more teams get better...
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    Dorchester Town

    After being inspired by reading some of the lower league games on here i've decided to give it a go myself. I started the game with a new update from here and started with Man City. After about 3 days of the game I thought I canny be doing with this again. Buying the same old players, seeing the...
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    Apart from the obvious, not being able to change tactics, players and motivation. Is there any other real disadvantage to going on holiday before every game? You can still pick your team and tactics before hand. Do the fans, chairman etc actually recgonise you have gone on holiday or is it just...
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    Bored. Possible new challenge?

    I'm bored of fm! I've done a normal game, managed lower league teams, edited a team, done a season on the nations league, done a season with 'all players free'. Done numerous other ones aswell. Anyone got any ideas for what other new challenges I could do?
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    Does anyone know

    After completely wrecking my fm game and it doesnt look like anyone can help me, it looks like I have to un-install and then re-install fm. Problem... I can't find the disc. Can I still un-install and re-install via Steam without the disc?
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    Hyde United

    I asked for a parent club with Hyde United and they come back with Man City and Blackburn. I chose Man City but they wouldn't loan me no-one. Literally no-one. Is there any secret to get someone to come to me?