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  1. WJ

    Stupid questions?

    Not sure if it'll work here, but let's see. Have a small/quick question that's not worth opening an entire thread for? Not sure how something works? Not sure what something means? Post here and let us see if we can help! The question may be small or 'stupid' but if you don't ask, you may never...
  2. WJ

    Looking for tactical help/advice?

    Here are some great guides by others in the community: How to Play FM: A Twelve Step Guide Pairs & Combinations FM2015 - UPDATED Lines and Diamonds: The Tactician's Handbook for Football Manager 2015 Stuck? Ask a question! Quick-fire Questions ...
  3. WJ

    Adding leagues using the editor

    Okay, I'm a complete noob when it comes to the editor. I've never used it. I don't even know what it looks like or where to find it. I want to learn how to add fan-made leagues to the game though. So, my questions: 1 - Where do I find the editor? 2 - I have downloaded a megapack RAR file. It...
  4. WJ

    Starting at a new club

    NEW BEGINNINGS After getting a little frustrated at how many users simply want others to play the game for them, I’ve decided to show how remarkably simple it is to just create that initial tactic based on the squad available and how easy it is to spot flaws and tweak. I’m using my own save...
  5. WJ

    Guide me.

    Okay, so after a rather heated discussion, I thought I’d put my money where my mouth is. THE ISSUE I encountered one user, who insisted on only 1 way of playing the game. That that was the only “right” way and that you’d get punished by the coding/ME otherwise by (for example) having injuries...
  6. WJ

    Striker efficiency

    Posted this in the Frustrations thread, but it's probably better off in a separate thread. I've seen a lot of complaints about strikers being **** and while I agree that finishing and shot selection can be improved, it's not that bad right now. Here are the stats for my team as a whole and...