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    Doncaster Bug in Player Stats

    WTF!!!! Can anyone help me out here? This happened after a few crash dumps. I then verified the cache from Steam. Only realised this just now.
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    Was googling about Benat. According to UniBet, Benat is one of the 'must-buys'. Is this for real? Anyone wants to share experience using this midfielder?
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    Bolatti or Cirigliano?

    Am using Bolatti as BWM (on loan 5million transfer fee agreed). Should I get sign him permanently? But I have my eye on Cirigliano as well. How now?
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    Which striker to sign next? (And Thanks Raikan007 for Awesome AMC)

    Liverpool save coming into 2nd season. 30+ million to spend. Suarez used as Winger/ Inside Forward. Borini and van Wolfswinkel scoring double figures each. Intend to keep them. Carroll to return soon and I intend to use him as backup TM. Good idea? Sell? Do I need one more Striker? A pacy...
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    Good Players we SHOULD NOT buy

    Greetings all. This is probably not a new theme. But most of the time, we ask around for players we should add to the team and we get replies on the whos' who. But sometimes these highly rated players don't work for you. I had my fair share of those. So perhaps you guys could share as well. I...
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    Suarez, Ademilson, Fierro, Long, Insigne - Strikers Overload

    Greetings. Liverpool save into my 3rd season. Lost out on goal difference to Man City in 2nd season. Going for the league now. I use 3 formations, namely: 4-3-3 - Lone Striker Advanced Forward Role plus 2 Inside Forwards 4-2-3-1 - Lone Striker Poacher Role plus 2 Wingers Might & Magic TM...
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    Liverpool 3rd season

    I'm in my 3rd season. Issue 1. Daniel Agger is in his final year contract wise. Should I renew his contract or sell him off to buy a younger alternative to partner Coates? Issue 2. I already have Bellusci and Wilson. Should I buy a rightback so Kelly can be a backup centreback(johnson is...