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    how do you update fm14

    I play fm 14 on steam but I can't get it to update the newest transfers. Can anyone help?
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    help to some minor tactical tweaks

    **** everyone. I'm Man Utd in the 3rd season and I would like some feedback on my tactic. I'm 1st in Premier Division so my tactic is working very nicel - especially the defensive part. Only scored 10 goals against me so far. My question is mainly how would you use Mitrovic and Rooney because I...
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    looking for a good counter tactic

    Can anyone recommend a good counter tactic? I'm looking for a tactic that I can use with Man Utd in the big away games (vs. Barcelona, Real Madrid etc). Thank you :)
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    Need defender for man utd 2. season

    I need a central defender for man utd 2. season. I have around 20-30 mio to spend
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    Need box to box midfielder for man utd

    Hello everyone. I need a really good box to box midfielder for my man utd team. I am at the beginning of the second season. I am looking for a world class player like Yaya Toure or Arturo Vidal, but it's probably not possible to get any of those. Any recommendations would be appreciated or if...