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    FM Internationals, Sign-Up Thread.

    FM Internationals Ladies & Gentleman, the chance to represent your country is rare. For most of us it is a dream that will never be realised but, as a prelude to the up-coming FM-Base Ashes Series, myself & my good mate Godfish93, are offering you exactly that chance with our new On-line...
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    FM Base Story Awards 2016.

    FM Base Story Awards 2016 & General Story Chat Thread. 2016 FM-Base Story Awards. Hello all & welcome to the 2016 FM Base story awards thread. Its a bit early I know, but I wanted to get the news out there that this will be running again this year as I think it is an important motivator for...
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    FM Base Story Awards 2015.

    The FM-Base Story of the Year Awards Ok, so this is the thread where people can nominate their favourite stories for the FM15 Story of the year awards. First though, a few rules. 1. Please, before nominating, check that the story you would like to nominate hasn't already been nominated by...
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    FM Base Story Awards: Interest & Idea's Thread.

    Ok, I have been running this idea around in my head for a while now & thought it was time to get it out there & see if there is any interest in it. To my knowledge no-one has ever tried to get something like this up & running on here before, although I only did a quick search & I am sure...
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    C.J. Lippo, A life in football.

    Ladies & gentleman, I have an idea. Whenever a new FM is released my first dilemma is always where to start. Do I start at the top & see what I can win? Do I start at the bottom & work my way up? International footballer? Sunday leaguer? Somewhere in the middle? I never know! The idea I've had...
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    Editor problem since update.

    Whenever i open my editor now i am presented with nothing but a windowed black screen. The problem has only occurred since the last update, any ideas on how to fix this?
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    Life After Depor...

    Prelude For a while now I have been wanting to start a story using my beloved Deportivo la Coruna. My problem, however, is that I often find myself getting bored when restricted to staying with the one club, even if it is one I love, not to mention what would I do if I got fired from that...
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    Changing Continents?

    Is there any way to change which continent a country participates in? For instance could you move New Zealand into Asia?
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    Moyes' Sociedad?

    Has anyone seen/heard how Sociedad are going under Moyes? Know they were struggling before he joined, have they got any better? Have a game recorded from last night at home but haven't gotten to watch it yet. Just curious.
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    bizarre/interesting manager movements

    Thought I'd start a thread for people to share any bizarre/interesting manager movements they might of come across in their saves. Will start things off with a couple I have found. Villas Boas - Man U Really? Couldn't cut it at Tottenham but Van Gaal be gone? Roberto Mancini -...
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    Oceanic Premier League

    Had a go at this last year but never quite got it to work. The idea is to create an A-League type competition involving small, but fully professional clubs from some of the countries in Oceania. Say 4 teams from New Zealand & 1 each in Vanuatu, Tahiti, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia &...
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    The Asian Football Thread.

    Decided to start a thread about all things football in Asia, as the sport is rapidly gaining popularity in the region. If you have an opinion, thought, question or just want to talk about football in Asia post here. Would like to start off by congratulating Wanderers FC on their recent asian...
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    Problem with learning a new position

    Ok, decided to try to retrain one of my dm's to play cb as i lack cover & have no money to spend. The problem is whenever i start someone training the new position they immediatley become "unhappy at learning a new position" have tried a few different players & its always the same. Anyone else...
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    Get It India!

    Get it India! (Ended) In a recent thread about the newly formed Indian Super League a fellow Base member, Mayankv, said something that really got me thinking. While millions have been spent signing the "big names" up for one final pay check, very little (if anything) has been done to...
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    starting unemployed.

    So am currently loading a database to start unemployed, sunday league & no badges, will this mean i will have to complete a course before i will be offered a job at even the smallest clubs?
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    J-League fix?

    Does anyone know of a download to fix the J-league? Know it would be a big job as you would have to create every player therein as well as fixing club names etc. but surely someone has had a go?
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    The "Bling" Dynasty

    Goals In this save I will be trying to turn Beijing Guoan into a dominate force first in China, then Asia & finally make them a player on the world stage. Club Overview Loving the stadium, though can't see it being full too often. Youth facilities need an upgrade & we don't own the stadium...
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    Help with story idea's.

    Looking for a new idea for a story to keep me interested until fm15. Want something different but cant decide where to start so will let you guys do the thinking for me. Will be using lfc update. 1. Rotor Volgograd, Russian first division. will first try to win promotion, then build a squad to...