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    Tactics from previous versions

    Do tactics from previous versions of FM work in the latest version? For example fm17 tactics that were excellent recreated in FM18.
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    staing crashes

    Anyone getting staging crashes? I'm getting one on august 31st of 2017 and i can't get past this point on my first save... back to fm17 i guess till they fix this...
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    Help a noobie

    I was wondering if someone that knows alot about tactics could possibly answer some questions for me, either on here or via private message. I've played fm for many years now but i've always used downloaded tactics as i often found myself frustrated with trying to make a successful tactic...
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    match strategy questions

    Wonder if someone could help me out understand something. I'm playing as Arsenal and i choose to play attacking strategy against most teams. I'm confused as to why counter attacking is set on "yes" in the attacking variant of the tactical strategy? I would think counter attacking would only...
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    Tactical approach question

    Can you play 4-1-2-1-2 with fluid philosophy (more creative freedom, more roaming) or do narrow formations naturally favor more rigid philosophical approaches? I'm playing with Arsenal, first season. Thanks for any input!