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    Vujevic tactics with 3 man at back!

    Don't know what games you watched, but imo blind was 1 of the best in the first 2 games🙈😅
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    started seadon 3 with fereinse in premier liga in portugal lost first match away to sporting 2-0 but won the 2nd match at home against braga 5-0 😝😝
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    Gonna give this a try in a lower league👍🙂
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    Fearless & Strikerless 4123

    Yeah was wondering that too. Doesnt it work with just attacking? Or another mentality?
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    Rinus Michels - Total Football - by kun (Erik ten Hag's version)

    Can you give the tweaked one please🙂
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    ZaZ - Total Football - 4-4-2

    Nice😝 gonna give this a go👍
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    F9 viola

    Yeah me2😝
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    GYRFM 4321 72% win percentage with Arsenal

    Yeah, set pieces can be better i guess. Looking forward to it🙂😛
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    GYRFM 4321 72% win percentage with Arsenal

    I bought some players but not that special ones, bought lammers as my striker. He is baning them in together with ollie :D :):)
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    GYRFM 4321 72% win percentage with Arsenal

    Trying it with Aston villa now, till now it looks pretty good :cool::p
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    4-1-3-2 SUPRESSIVE FIRE @ FM21.2 (21.4.0 me)

    Nice results, gonna give it a try with aston villa😛
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    Gonna try it tonight with aston villa
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    SI are Amateurs-4-2-2-2-by Vujevic

    Great tactic!!!. What skin you use btw?
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    4-3-3 flat

    I am looking for a good flat 4-3-3
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    Looking for 3 striker tactic

    Looking for a nice tactic withh 3 strikers ! Please help me
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    Arsenal Tactic needed !!!! HELP

    Hello, I have tried a lot of tactics from here for my arsenal squad but non seems to work, someone can help me? Greetings Xilence