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    Steven Monrose - RC Lens

    Name: Steven Monrose Club: RC Lens D.O.B: 20.7.1990 Nationality: France/Martinique Position: AMR, ST Strengths: Most Physical Attributes, Aggression, Dribbling, Technique Weaknesses: Team Work, Positioning, Finishing OP Note: He looks like he could be a decent prospect with the...
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    Budgets for Top Teams in FM11.3

    To coincide with the latest patch, I have compiled a list of the top/most popular teams in the game. Take note that the following are the default board expectations placed at the start of the game (for example, Arsenal = Qualify for Europe. Please note this has been done MANUALLY, any...
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    Édgar Ivan Pácheco

    (please forgive me if he's well known, i've searched the sub-forum and couldn't find a thread) Name: Édgar Ivan Pacheco Club: Atlas D.O.B: 22.1.1990 Nationality: Mexican Position: Attacking Midfielder(Centre)/M (C) Strengths: Flair, Acceleration, Pace, Technique Weaknesses: Jumping...
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    Somewhat of a Question, I suppose

    (I can't think of a specific forum, so forgive me if this actually does need to go somewhere). I'm currently playing as Manchester United (love the squad, don't have to bother with buying in many new players), and I've been looking at the affiliated clubs and apart from Fluminese and Antwerp, I...