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    FM 2012 Summer 2013 update

    Hi everyone, I want to introduce you FM 2012 Summer 2013 update contains over 100.000 changes. File includes: - Done almost every major transfer up to 06/09/2013 - All major league relegation updated to the season 2013/2014 - Corrected many players CA/PA and positions. - Updated manager...
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    2013-2014 Zaqwes Update

    Hi, I made some update to FM 2012. I realised that my update is not perfect but I will try to make it good as possible. Here is a link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8cx04hwrqxd8s9a/Zaqwes_2013-14_update.dbc All suggestions are welcome ;) Cheers, Marin