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    10+ players [multiple leagues] Network Game

    Hello and welcome to - 10+ player network game. We are currently 8 players playing first season of current save looking for maybe 1-5 more players. Save setup roughly 10-12 players picks from 4th media predicted and bellow browsing timer is 1 minute no match timer no pre-match timer sat / wed...
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    10+ players [Italy/France/Germany/England/Spain] Network Game

    EDIT: edited leagues selected, team picking, order of picking Hello and welcome to a 2 leagues - 10+ player network game. We are currently 6 players ending our current save in 2024. and considering to start new one around April 22nd. We are looking for 4-6 more players, depending how many of...
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    Network game freezing every often

    Ok so this **** is really getting annoying already. Here is what happens: 7 of us are playing this save for 4 season now, and after last update which happend like few days ago or so, Our processing just starts to lagg hard and everyone freeze - we have to reload the save each few days and...
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    Coaches and youth coaches

    Hey guys i was wondering which attributes i should pay attention to when signing coaches and youth coaches (cept for working with youngsters ofc). I generally mean for mental coach attributes like discipline, man managment and sucha. ty
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    Instant result FM 17 Skin

    Is there such skin to download anywhere? Used to be one for fm16 , cant seem to find anything for the current one though..
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    Match scheduling options bugged?

    Recently we started a save with people picking teams in 5 diffrent divisions in europe. We made sure we set up SATURDAY AND WEDNESDAY MATCH SCHEDULING. But now when we got to a season kick off, France is played at like 15:00, England is played at 16:00, italy is played day after and Germany...
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    Facepacks and kits

    Does FM16/15 facepack and kit work for 17 maybe?
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    10+ players [Italy France Germany England Spain] Network Game

    Hello and welcome to 5 league - 10+ player network game. We are currently in 3rd season Jan 2018, and are looking to fill in 3 manager spots in Italy/Germany/Spain/France. There are 12 managers ingame currently with at least 5-8 online each day getting the save running. We decided to limit...
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    LFC Marshal's fm 2016 summer Update

    not sure if there's a link but i stumbled upon this on facebook…/…/LFCMarshall+Transfer+Update.fmf
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    [Intensive French League 1 network game]

    INTRO Hello and welcome to the French League1 game setup. Game will be scheduled 4 times a week. If you think you can commit to scheduled times, add me through steam link i posted bellow so we can discuss details. Game rules, regulations and stats are enlisted as follows. The game should...
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    [Intensive La LIGA BBVA network game]

    INTRO Hello and welcome to my first network game setup. This is Spanish Premier Division save. Our plan is to keep this save alive as long as people want to play. Also, as long as there are not less than 4 people online, the game will be going live. Game rules, regulations, stats, and...