Dear all football managers, with your help I can become deputy CEO!


Dec 13, 2009
Dear all football managers!

I have since the beginning of my FM-career (FM2007) been getting lots of great tips and help from the community, ie. you guys!!

But now I need your help with something helse! I have the chance to become deputy CEO for a big Swedish company, but I need your help to achieve my dream! I need your vote which will give me a huge advantage in the final stage, which will be an Assessment Center in the beginning of May.

It all started with over 7000 students and now we are only 8 left. We've been thru a very long recruitment process. It started with 7 situations you hade to solve. The next stage contained of two different tests about your personality, problem solving ability and your strategic ability. After that I did a video interview and after that I advanced to the next stage which was a "Deep interview" with a recruitment consultant that lasted for 2,5 hours. NOW we are in a stage in the campaign where you have to promote yourself and get votes.

I've created a video where I present myself as a leader (with English Subtitles, so you guys can understand it aswell, because it is a Swedish-based competition, therefore I speak Swedish in the video). But as I said, I need you votes which will give me some kind of advantage as well as it is showcasing my marketing ability.
You do need to click this link in order to vote for me: Adecco - Ledartestet

It is all in Swedish, but next to the video you need to vote for an "attribute" and then you can submit your vote via the facebook button!

I would be so happy and grateful if you voted for me and help me achieve my dream! Feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them.