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Zero Sea

Dec 1, 2010
Zero Sea‘s Wonderland V5.1

Please note:

Anyone can share my tactics without asking me for permission.

Try not to tweak my tactic. Please use the original tactic for at least half season to know how well is the tactic to your team. Then, you can try to tweak the tactic to suit yourselves as you will then know if what you are tweaking on will improve your team performance. If not, dont blame on my tactic if the results you have is not what you want it to be.
But you can tweak corner tactic,I did not concentrate in it,so it may be not the best corner tactic out there.

I'm sorry for my poor English,I use translation software sometimes.
Thanks Xiaoici for his help

Due to the creator of tactics always been suspected to use cheats, therefore i would prefer using the results from others players to prove my tactics.

Thank you so much for your tests!

Some Comments.

In SI Forum

Had a great run with this tactic myself. Huddersfield are a fairly good side to begin with mind, although the League Cup game against Man Utd was a particular highlight. I'm a bit concerned about the defence on this tactic throughout, although I can't really complain as it's attacking capabilities far outweigh this.
Like i said before this is an incredible tactic, its working brilliant with my Hull City side. Waghorn as TM, Koren a PM - were destroying teams.
Played 5 and scored 21 goals. I'm averaging 3x more clear cut chances than opposition in every game.
Results so far...
Leeds 0 - 6 Hull
Hull 3 - 3 Watford
Palace 2 - 3 Hull
Hull 5 - 1 Leicester
Hull 4 - 0 Ipswich
spanish cup 5th round. i´m celta de vigo (spanish second division) and lost the 1st leg vs real madrid (2-3 at home) so i decided to play some subs at Bernabeu and told them pressure is off.
and THIS happened.
thanks mate, i´ll keep on posting my results
In FM-Base Forum

This tactic is perfect for Man City. They have all this attacking talent, and this can make use of most of it. Tevez or Dzeko and Aguero up front, Balotelli on the left wing, Nasri on the right wing, Silva as the playmaker. You could even sell one of them if you want, and still have Adam Johnson and James Milner as depth.
I just beat Bayern Munich 11-3 in Munich. Never seen anything like it.
Hello ZeroSea
I have tested ur tactic for a whole season with Juventus.
And it's clearly that (you have already mentioned it) it's about scoring a lot of goals and not about preventing conceded goals.
In the Seria A (38 matches) I scored 111 goals and conceded 31 goals and ended up with 95 pts.
Well, I won the league so I'm satisfied.
i love it 1st in the prem 19 games gone
best results:
Liverpool 8 - 2 Aston Villa
Liverpool 7 - 0 Newcastle
Man United 1 - 5 Liverpool
Man City 0 - 3 Liverpool
Liverpool 3 - 0 Arsenal
Just wanna say this tactic is brilliant so far!
Using Notts Co (took them to the champs league in 4 seasons on FM11) and its working wonders only played 13 leagues and top of the table...heres some picture.
Thats with V2.



Player Requirements

FC/ST: 1. Finishing,Composure; 2. Pace &Acc, Dribbling.

AMC: 1. Pace &Acc, Dribbling; 2. Finishing, Composure;3. Passing, Creativity.

AMCL/STL: a little better with right foot or either foot; AMCR/STR: a little better with left foot or either foot.
Just a little better,Don't be too concerned about it!

AMRL(inside): 1. Pace &Acc, Dribbling; 2. Finishing, Composure.My tactic need AMRL cut inside,so you can also train ST to AMRL.
AML:a little better with right foot or either foot; AMR: a little better with left foot or either foot.(You must train your players into position that is at least orange or yellow color. Which is "Awkward" or "Unconvincing")
Just a little better,Don't be too concerned about it!

MC: 1.Passing, Creativity; 2(Not important). Finishing,Long shots, Acc &Pace,Tackling,Strength.

DM(V5 No DM): 1. Strength, Tackling (better learned tackles), Passing, Creativity; 2. Long shots.

DRL: 1. Acc &Pace,Tackling; 2. Positioning, Strength (You can train DR to DL , because DL is worse in the world)

DC: 1. Jumping ; 2.Acc & Pace , Heading; 3. Positioning, Strength, Tackling

GK:1. One On Ones, Reflexes;2. Handling

How important is each role to my tactic: GK>MC>DC>ST>AMRL>DMC>DRL

Tactic with "R" suffix means place your MC who use left leg to the right side, advantage to long shot and direct pass.

Match Preparation: Attacking Movement.The amount of training is average(30%)

Match preparation is a must, even if your team are gel-ed already, unless you want to give up on your league results. I personally recommend "Attacking Movement"

Playmaker and Target Man : No.

Pitch Size: Small

Corner: the left side: right foot player; the right side: left foot player.Of course, Ability is also very important

Thow Ins: Don't use DRL and DC; Don't use who have "possesses long flat throw";Ability is not important, because it is short pass.

Don't Set Long Shot.

When down to 10 man: 4230

Touchline instructions
The actual effect is difficult to test, and will destroy tactics.
Opposition Instructions
The actual effect is difficult to test, so I do not use.

Tactic with "R" suffix means place your ST who use left leg to the right side, advantage to finishing and direct pass.

Too many ST?
Speedy type ST can train into Winger or AMC too. They will be much more stronger than traditional Winger or AMC.

Wingers have to use Forward players, which mean you train your speedy Forwards into Wingers. Must have high scoring ability so as to prevent goalkeeper saving too many balls and hitting the woodworks. Use schedule AMRL (inside).

Do not use Time Wasting because the effect is not good, it doesnt improve the possession and it makes the attacking decrease a lot.

All out attack and defense drain alot on stamina, so, try to maintain at least 90% - 95% fitness before match. After every match, rest your players regarding to their fitness. (Note: Under Training "Show Filters" --> "All Schedule", hold Shift key and click the ">" icon then right click, and you can set all of your player schedule in 1 shot. This method can also be use on scout report, transfers or any other places.) Actually my tactics which consist of draining of fitness has its good point too, that is to drag the AI down with us, as the AI drains their fitness quite fast too.

When can a tactic become gelled to the max?
Normally, about 2-3 months, the Familiarity of Match Preparation will be maxed out, thus we can see the effect/result of the tactic more clearly.
After 2-3 seasons later, when Squad Harmony is maxed out, the tactic will be fully utilize to the max.

What is the use of Squad Harmony? Who does one improve them?
Squad Harmony increase a team potential by alot, when it is maxed out, the team will be very strong and united.
Deal with those players immediately with Unhappiness and/or need attention from you. Let them play some matches which are suitable for them. If letting them played in matches still cant solve their problem, just sell them away.
Players who dislike one another, choose 1 and sell the other away.
The best solution is to praise your players until they named you as favoured personnel, and stop praising them when you saw your name shown in favoured personnel. And when you try to pull a young player up, they will easily named you as their favourite persoannel.

It is best to combine this tactic with my training schedule, good for training up "monster youth", as the schedule is made according to what i need for my tactic.

Download V5.1

Zero Sea‘s Wonderland V5.1 (2.14) - Downloads - Football Manager 2012 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats
RayFile | Zero Sea's Wonderland V5.1.rar

Old Version:


If you do not have unzip software,you can use a free unzip software -- 7-zip


Monitoring the matches

Although i rely more on ultimate tactics, but i also do some research on monitoring the matches. Rating shows the performance of a player. When the rating is high, mean the performance is good, while rating is low, means its bad.
NEVER let loose to those under-performed players. Example; If all the players are performing well, your rate of winning a match increases; whereas IF there ARE 1 or 2 players who are under-performed, the result will be devastating.
If you are not trying to win the year MVP or footballer award, when players is under-performed, you should sub them out, and the winning rate of your team will greatly increase.

6.0 and below: Performing badly. If the player is not your star player, you MUST sub him out.
6.1--6.3: Slightly under-performed. If you got spare sub on your bench, you can sub them out.
6.4--6.9: Performing normal.
7--7.4: Performing well. Even if the player is a sub, when they are performing well, just let them be.
7.5 and above: Having a storming game. During this time, they are like being possessed by Pele or Manadona.
Note: When the team are performing well as a whole, which is all around the rating of 7 or so, those with rating of 6.4--6.7 and is the lousiest rating the player had, you can consider to sub him off too.

What if most of your players are under-performing? Wait for half-time team talk, and made your decision who to sub after that, as most of your players will get back to their form.

Dont rely on star players, a lousy player with rating of 7 or above is better than your star player with rating of 6. So, if you are not aiming for MVP, sub your star player out when they are not performing well. Of course, the ability of your sub must not be too lousy.

Fitness which is below 75% will increase the injury rate, performance and speed will start to reduce too. Normally, players with fitness 70% or below, you'd better to sub them out, but you cant do that with my tactics, you can only sub them out when their fitness are around 50% to 60%. What if there are alot of players with low fitness? Priority: Sub your CB 1st, then your Forward. When your Forward doesnt have much speed left, the most, you will reduced your scoring rate; but if your CB is without speed, your defense will be shattered into pieces. Of course, when you are losing, dont care about your defense, sub your attacking players.

We usually use our last sub during 60-70 min, because after you used up your last sub, the AI will 10000% become ruthless!

When your player misses a penalty, rating will decrease alot; Thus, you can consider to sub them out too.


Pre-season friendly match experiences:

Can raise team morale by alot
Use matches to replace training, no need to specifically train your team fitness.
Position training, let player play on new position will also have the effect of training them into new position thru training.
Can raise a bit the Familiarity of Match Preparation
The main point of Match-preparation only show effective during a match, when there is no match up, it will increase the rate of your team gelling together, therefore you can activate match-preparation during the last match of your pre-season.

First step:

First team will invite super weak team. The team must be so weak till even if you leave it to your Asst man, your team will still win. If you are in lower league, your only choice is to play with your under 18 team/youth team. Of course if your youth team doesnt have any potential, you can let your first and reserves team to "torture" them.
Arrange your reserves team to battle your youth team.
Dont go into holiday without doing some setting, as your Asst man like to arrange your reserves team to battle weak teams.
Properly arrange your first team and reserves team schedule for the friendly match. Have a match every 3-4 days. Friendly match used up very little stamina/fitness/condition so dont worry.
Always have a backup! Arrange 12 subsitutes for your main team, and set all of the subsitute to "can join pre-season matchup"

Step two:

Holiday! Set your Asst man to "Use current match tactics" and "Use current match selection when possible". Like this, players in your main team get to play every match and your 12 substitutes which are mixing between your main team and reserves team get to play in every match too.
Dont go on vacation for days, can only go on vacation 1 day by 1 day, if not you will miss some match, award, choosing of captain, squad numbers, transfers, etcs.
Isnt it better to control by yourselves? Of course it is better to control by yourselves! But isnt it boring to control those unimportant matches?

Due to main team and reserves team are both playing against weak teams, therefore we can say most of the matches are "sure win".
So, during the 1st league match-up, almost all the members are having high morale! Therefore, we can conclude that for the 1st half of your season match-up, your team will perform very well!

One more tricks, use your reserves team and/or youth team to fight against strong team to "trick" their money. Use the 2nd half of your last month (using your main team) to fight weak team to raise your team morale. But this is about the same as using cheats/trainer, therefore not recommended.
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Zero Sea

Dec 1, 2010
I am sorry
I made ​​a mistake
I've uploaded

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zhenyiy‘s test in Chinese forum



Jun 19, 2011
I had great success with your tactics on 2011, so looking forward to giving this one a try.


Nov 2, 2009

hmmm, even thou its a demo tactic, its still is a good looking tactic.. too bad, I'm not playing demo.. but will certainly put yours for testing when the full game is out..

PS: only lost 2 games, that is impressive.. defeat away at chelsea is u/standable, but 1-2 lost at home to Villa's 'best friend' birmingham is kinda hurt.. heh3..

Zero Sea

Dec 1, 2010
Tactic with "R" suffix means place your MC who use left leg to the right side, advantage to long shot and direct pass.

The real world

So I am interested in Blackburn

Using ONLY original players, didnt use any transfer fee.

I can swear that i didnt use any Save/Load to cheat, if i did i will go to ****.

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Zero Sea

Dec 1, 2010
To MC who you choose between Kaka, hamsik and Sahin?
MC: 1.Passing, Creativity;

Xavi Passing 20, Creativity 20;

Fabregas Passing 19, Creativity 19;

Toni Kroos Passing18, Creativity17;

Ozil Passing19, Creativity18;

Kaka Passing17, Creativity17; not very good,he should play forward or winger
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Jul 30, 2010

Getting better, just think with big teams i get to many goals, i will try to change some things to see if i get a improvement, but overall its a good tactic,

Many thanks


Sep 8, 2010
In my opinion, if I play Real Madrid

I have many players injured so i havo to rotate the team but i like more Ozil at MC position. he is faster then Sahin. Kaka plays at AMRL e ST like you said.
I just hope that this tactic works just like this in final version. I the final version i'm gonna play with Sporting (POR).

I just nedd a full explanition about the scheduls.

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Tell me this...
Assistant manager do anything?
And opponent instrutions what you do?