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Help with Manager Reputation


May 9, 2021
Found some things about this in different places but it's always for older FMs so I thought I'd ask here. Only been playing FM for a month so still learning.

I created my manager with Sunday League Footballer reputation in the Irish second tier, and after 8 years managing in both tiers (mostly top tier) in Ireland with 4 different clubs my reputation is 20% (1 star). Only trophies to note is two league cups, two crappy regional cups and one second tier 1st-place title (like I said, still learning).

I want to manage elsewhere, for example I've been trying to manage in Italy. But even the lowest-reputation teams in Italy are 1 and a half stars, half a star more than me. I've been applying for these jobs and haven't got so much as an interview yet. I'm starting to get a bit worried I've screwed myself by applying Sunday league reputation, as it's taken me 8 years to get to 1 star rep (I'm sure being better at the game would help too but easier said than done #DFE5EF ).
https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/
Is there anything I'm missing on how to improve manager reputation at a faster rate than I have been? I've read that going for coaching licenses does this but in any of the recent clubs I've been at, the option is not provided to ask for one. If there is no other way except for much much more success, can manager reputation be edited with the FM editor or any other tool?

Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.

TL,DR; Created my manager with really small beginning rep and after 8 years I've gone from 0.5 stars to 1 star rep. I want to manage in other countries but won't be considered. Am I missing anything? Or are there ways to get around this like FM Editor?