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Apr 29, 2012
I don't know, I think I would prefer if every year they made a big update focused on one aspect of the game. Right now they do bunch of tiny updates to 50 different things so last couple of years I only get a new one like every 3 years.
This is business 101. Demand and supply.
You're absolutely right and it's something big companies like EA and 2K get suggested on their boards every year.
But they know that we're going to buy anyway, so they make a few tweaks here and there, nothing major, rarely address the bigger issues until year 4 or 5 after the big changes, and in between they'll basically charge you for changes a simple 1GB patch would have.
And as I've stated before, Miles is great with his PR work specially on social media to keep folks believing "constant changes" and "revamps" (pretty much the most used term in Miles' vocab the past 6 years), and he's gotten way too comfortable having a game that has completely monopoly of his market/niche (Christ, last season they kept going on about the importance of a new skin FFS!!!).
There's absolutely no threat for competition, so Miles and SI know that with minimal effort and changes they'll be fine sales will be there.
Until there's a threat, this will be the pattern year after year and perhaps every 5 years or so you'll major changes, even though we've known for a while this game needs MAJOR changes that go overlooked year after year.