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New Network Game (premiership or championship) - Best online experince


Aug 31, 2012
I am looking for one to two more players to join us and play online, i will be hosting on an extremely fast machine, which i have recently built myself (server like specs) and it will also be hosted on a super fast internet connection (fiber optic) so the speed of game play and connections will be super fast *5 star..

I am available to play most evenings (GMT Time) and i am looking for committed players who want and can stick to long careers.

This year's FM is a tough game, so we are looking for serious long term players only, no quitting half way through when times are tough!!, we looking for players who are friendly and up for a laugh and enjoy FM as much as we do (even though we like to moan when things go wrong ) :)

Preferred leagues are:

We will be using Steam and Skype to communicate, and If interest is high enough I will set up a Facebook page for the players to communicate, I will upload stats , line up, screen shots as we go along, player progression , and transfers. so you have access to these when not playing ..

All teams are allowed with exception to Man City, Man United, Chelsea (so it's more competitive for everyone)

If you are interested please PM me your Steam Id.