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Outsiders Auction Game - The Story


Saving the World
Dec 20, 2008
This is the story proceeding from The Outsiders Auction Game

You can download the database here

Here are the teams in the premier league:

hG BIF - Scott*
View attachment 90408

I like rice FC - Dunc
View attachment 90409

Irn Bru - Kris
View attachment 90410

Los Rios Allstars - vkoppel
View attachment 90411

Musgrave's XI - RobsonMusgrave
View attachment 90412

No Punt Intended - Billy
View attachment 90413

Riibena FC - DMF
View attachment 90414

Sub-standard Liege - Edsyers
View attachment 90415

Wireless Winners - The Editor
View attachment 90416

Zigic Rovers - zvx
View attachment 90417

Here are the teams in the second division:

Al's Bumders - Alex
View attachment 90418

Danish Butter Cookies FC - Nathan
View attachment 90419

Dan's Valiant XI - Dan
View attachment 90420

Elite FC - Shay Given
View attachment 90421

FC Winning Eleven - Mr.T
View attachment 90422

Lescott's Head - Joe
View attachment 90423

Middlesbrough > Newcastle - Neall
View attachment 90424

Obi Wan Kenobi Nil - Redrup
View attachment 90425

Scoregasm - Ronan
View attachment 90426

Smarties - Jack Fulham
View attachment 90427

All inuries were removed prior to these screenshots being taken; the injuries shown in the screenshots will have been picked up during training or a friendly match.

For you competitive players I have devised a scoring system to see who was the smartest with their millions. The scoring system is below:

Premier League
1st Place: 10 points
2nd Place: 7 points
3rd Place: 6 points
4th Place: 5 points
5th Place: 4 points
6th Place: 3 points
7th Place: 2 points
8th Place: 1 point
9th Place: -1 point
10th Place: -2 points

Second Division
1st Place: 6 points
Play-off winner: 4 points
Play-off loser: 2 points
9th Place: -1 point
10th Place: -2 points

Auction Cup
Winner: 3 points
Runner Up: 1 point

Champions League
Winner: 10 points
Runner Up: 8 points
Semi Finalist: 4 points

Europa League
Winner: 7 points
Runner Up: 4 points
Semi Finalist: 2 points

Premier League Golden Boot: 3 points
Premier League Highest Rated Player: 3 points
Premier League Most assists: 1 point
Second Division Golden Boot: 1 point
Second Division Highest Rated Player: 1 point

Wireless Winners: 74 points
No Punt Intended: 69 points
Zigic Rovers: 57 points
Obi Wan Kenobi Nil: 50 points
I like rice FC: 46 points
Scoregasm: 28 points
Sub-Standard Liege: 26 points
Al's Bumders: 23 points
FC Winning Eleven: 16 points
Danish Butter Cookies FC: 16 points
Riibena FC: 16 points
Irn Bru: 14 points
Elite FC: 13 points
Dan's Valiant XI: 7 points
Los Ríos Allstars: 7 points
Lescott's Head: 4 points
Musgrave's XI: 0 points
Middlesbrough > Newcastle: -2 points
hG BIF: -9 points
Smarties: -10 points
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Keyboard Warrior
Dec 3, 2009
My team looks ok, could do with Welliton starting tho, he is beast.

And lol at Scotts team.

Ed Syers

Seb Larsson, na na na na
Aug 11, 2009
Dont mean to bother you, but could you make sure Guily, Kadlec and Aguero are in my squad? I cant see them on the screeny :'(


Saving the World
Dec 20, 2008
Premier League

View attachment 90428
No Punt Intended managed by Pep Guardiola take an early lead but are closely followed by Zigic Rovers. hG BIF's defensive tactics do not seem to be paying off after conceding 33 goals in the opening 9 games.

View attachment 90429
The experience Alessandro Del Piero leads the scoring chart with 6 goals

Second Division

View attachment 90430
Elite FC managed by Scolari are suprising leaders early on with 3 teams close behind on equal points.

View attachment 90431
Martin Palermo looks to end his career on a high with 6 goals in 8 starts for Dan's Valiant XI​


Banned for being a rebel
Nov 13, 2009
Happy with 2nd right now

Just need my strikers to mature fast; Muniain,Sanogo and Babacar

Edit: Joint Best goal diff in 2nd division 14 for 4 against; Good Stuff
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Saving the World
Dec 20, 2008
Premier League

View attachment 90432
No Punt Intended still leading although they have got a healthy lead of 5 points ahead of the chasing pack. hG BIF finally secured their first point of the season after drawing 0-0 with Musgrave's XI. Their star J Wilshere has been sent on 2 weeks holiday after the exhaustion of playing regular top flight football.

View attachment 90433
Karim Benzema is trying to fire Wireless Winners into a respectable league position with 11 goals in 18 games.

Second Division

View attachment 90434
Elite FC are currently coasting to automatic promotion whilst Lescott's Head have sneaked into 3rd place.

View attachment 90435
Stevan Jovetic has been producing exciting displays for Scoregasm although that has not been able to propel them up the league table.​

Shay Given

Mar 31, 2010
:D i genuinely was expecting to be in the bottom half of div 2, imnot gonna complain though RVN and Arron Lennon :wub:

Ed Syers

Seb Larsson, na na na na
Aug 11, 2009
Aguero and Fabregas are rapidly gaining form. Watch out Billy, i'm comin to get ya!