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Feb 18, 2013
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Thnks must go to Mr Hough amongst others who gave me the insptration for this thread and enjoyment of the game again. I read plenty on here and other forum sites about shouts so i thought i would devise a tactic around the shout concept, after being a disciple of the sliders.
So i started with Barnsley in the championship as they had the squad i was after no wingers. Sold a large amount of the rubbish players and renewed every staff member. My tactic was going to be a Diamond shape home and away. I bought 4 players and finished runners up so achieved my aim of promotion to the premier league. Now i had the cash to buy the players i wanted for my formation these are on the attached pic
View attachment 323185
Ok not the greatest squad or players but they are players that
A) Fit my budget and
B) Slot into my system.
Here are pics of my formation

View attachment 323214Home Formation
View attachment 323215Set Up
View attachment 323216Away Formation

Now reading about the shouts i wanted to leave nearly everything to default and let the shouts do the tactic changes for me. I found a good way of finding out what each shout does by clicking each one on the match screen and checking what sliders had changed from the formation and the players. This way i learned which shout worked in a combo with each other. I decided that it would be best to combine what i had found into a set of shouts i could use on each game. Below are the used shouts

View attachment 323182Away Shout Combo
View attachment 323183Home Shout Combo
View attachment 323201Game start shout combo
View attachment 323184Prem results so far

These have worked great so far and although several draws most of these come from late equalisers which i am working on to rectify, i have to admit that the shouts are the way forward and it is imperitive to get the combo's right so read Mr Hough's thread then tinker with what shouts suit your formation and ideas.