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Jan 14, 2011
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Afternoon, all. I'm four seasons in with West Ham and am progressing well, but recently ran into a bit of bother. Anyone who's managed West Ham before will know that you have a scout who is a bit tasty to say the least in Jimmy Hampson. As West Ham have a very decent staffing set-up, I'm obviously familiar with teams, most notably Liverpool, trying to poach the likes of Kevin Keen and Tony Carr, and the obvious way to avoid them leaving is to offer a new contract. However, I advanced my game on Transfer Deadline day, thinking it'd stop if anything relevant happened, only for 'Man Utd approach Hampson' 'Hampson set for Man Utd' 'Hampson joins Man Utd' happening instantly. Now he doesn't want to go into contract negotiations and I realise I'm probably clutching at straws here, but anyway of getting him back sharpish OR anyone have any recommendations as to a good replacement ?. PS: First post, be gentle !.