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Summer 2012 - Good FREE players

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Just thought I would provide some really decent players that I got in the Summer 2012 transfer window. iPhone version. FMH 2011

Jordan Harley - Irish

Most stats are over 15 - free transfer - no club - Midfielder. Finished the season at a value of £1.6 million.

Kane Ifil - Scottish

Free transfer - 43 league goals - No club - Striker

Francis Palmer - Irish

Free transfer - 39 league goals - No club - Striker

Aboubacar Kante - Malian

Free transfer- No club - Great defensive stats - Defender

Rob Roberts - Irish

Another great defender - Free transfer

Andy Frampton - English

Free Transfer - No club

Mark Foster - Welsh

Brilliant defender - No club - Free Transfer

Ian Henderson - English

Free transfer - No Club - Good midfielder

Robert Richardson - Irish

Brilliant Attacking Mid - Free Transfer - No club

Erkan Ozer - Turkish

Free Transfer - No Club - Best goalkeeper, sold a year later for £450,000

These players are good for L1/L2 and BSP. I got them all playing for York City and won the season with one draw and one loss, with a goal difference of 141.

The only reason I put Summer 2012 is that is when they appeared for me, my friend also has 2011 and they didnt appear the summer before, but they did in the 2012 window. Worth checking out if you are at that point in the game. Jordan Harley is easily the best, had offers from premiership clubs, not worth selling, match winner.

I hope this helps people who are at this period of the game.




They are regens so they only appear in one persons game or they could be largely different.