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Hey your tactics was awesome do you posting your tactics anywhere else? cuz i see you deleted all.
Hi. Could you help I've put a tactic up on the downloads section but I don't know how you link it to the thread please. First time posting a tactic
Я не хочу публиковать это до начала тестирования!

Please can you help me download your 4-3-3 Bournemouth tactic? I can't seem to find the link. All that comes up is the picture??
Is there a tactic you can suggest as 4-2-3-1?
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RDF tactics
RDF tactics
i think @Knap has a few. i haven't really tested any out as i have too many concerns about the 4231 system for the lower rep teams. but i will be looking to create a 4231 for the big teams soon
Hi Liam,

Do you know how to use the pre-game Editor?

I'm trying to alter a club's finances but when I load up FM20 and attempt to use that Database - it says that it has to be "tested" and "verified" before use.

Thanks for any help, I really appreciate it.
HI whats your name on discord i cant find your tweaks , is it on tactics or discussion . thanks
any chance you could post a file with the upcomming kits ? the coolest thing would be kits for all playable leagues. but i know that is much work for one person.
We try to upload the most popular leagues first but the best place to keep up to date with upcoming packs is the FM Base Twitter account. We post promos of future packs and polls for which packs will be posted next.
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