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    Baba Rahman

    One of the most consistent players I have ever had!! unbelievable jeff.
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    St. Georges Database

    Has anyone seen / made a database for this? Saw a thread on the FM14 discussion page yesterday and wondered if anyone had made one for FM15
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    Leaving on a free

    Hi All, I have an amazing wonderkid who has announced he is leaving on a free transfer after contract talks broke down… Is there any way to change his mind or will he go regardless? Since announcing that he would leave he has been playing out of his skin so feel quite frustrated.
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    Ruben Neves

    How can I get the best out of this guy? Stats are brilliant but just not performing. I play him as an Anchor in a midfield three, with a DLP (s) and AP (a).
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    Improve My Squad

    I have just finished my 3rd season (2016/17) and managed to sneak into 4th place and qualify ahead of Arsenal on goal difference. I would like some advice on how to make my squad competitive for next season. I will be in 4 competitions often having to play 2 games a week. I have just entered...
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    Improve my squad - Sunderland 3rd season

    Hi all, After a over achieving first season, winning the Capital One Cup and finishing 7th the second season with increased Europa League fixtures had a serious impact on my league campaign. With arguably a stronger team, we were very inconstant and finished in 10th place. Still brilliant for...
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    Wonderkids you can sign on a pre-contract

    I can't find a thread on this anywhere - does anyone know who thes best youngsters you can sign on a pre-contract. Last year I remember the likes of Pugliese, Zivokvic were available….
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    New Challenge

    Haven’t played FM for a few months and looking for an idea whilst I’m on holiday. Ideally would like to start a save in the PL with Sunderland, maybe holiday a year and see where we end up and take over for the 14/15 season. All ideas are welcome
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    Your best transfer dealings

    So what is your best transfer dealing on FM14? Personally the two that spring to my mind on my current save as Liverpool are Tom Ince and Thibaut Courtois. Ince, I picked up for a measly 800k at the end of the first season and have just sold him at the end of the third for 45M to City, who...
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    Rodrigo Gomez

    I haven't seen a thread for this guy but I just signed him for 3.4M in 2018 for my Liverpool team and he has been amazing. 7 games in he has 4 goals and 8 assists average rating over 8! Does anyone have any future screenshots, tips how to train him?
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    Liverpool Second Season - Squad Review... thoughts?

    I have just finished my 1st season with Liverpool, finishing 2nd with mixed feelings on the season. After an inconsistent start, from the start of the new year we went on a 12 match unbeaten run winning 11 of these. The inconsistency kicked in again and we finished 5 points behind Chelsea, I...
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    tactics for liverpool

    can any recommend a tactic for liverpool? struggling to find a consistent one at the moment!!
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    Name your perfect coaching team

    As above...
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    Team Guides

    I remember on FM13 there was a thread for team guides.... Is there one floating around or does anyone have a detailed guide? I'm looking for a Liverpool one.. Going to revamp the whole backroom staff and bring through the youth.
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    Legends re-created as Wonderkids

    Has anyone downloaded this add on? If so can you post screen shots of the players added. I downloaded this last night but planning to start the save once the January update has been done.