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Hey I basically just got a question. This does not work as a League Database upgrade right?
Great results!
Will be a must-have addon for fm from now on like facepacks and logopacks.
A word of note for some who - like me - took 6 days of deleting & reinstalling to figure it out: certain 'skins' stop these faces from showing, no matter how many times you reload skin or clear cache. First make sure you switch to the original FM skin - reload, clear cache, etc. and the faces should show if you've done it correctly. Then you can switch back to whatever skin you want.
Everything worked great until i got a new batch of regens so decided to get new faces in. Used the manager but now it says invalid RTF file and 'Parsing RTF'
As a response to my own question - I made a copy of the FMNEWGANv2-folder and namned it FMNEWGANv2 Staff and now I´ve got players AND staff with "real" faces :)
Had the black bar as others had and had nothing happen for ages. So I decided to uninstall the try again. It now doesn't open at all any suggestions ? I followed all the steps but just cant get it to work.
I'm on Mac and have followed all of the steps correctly but still can't get it to work. Any idea why?
Open topic @ FMBase forum we can help you.
Hi Followed all the steps, hit CTRL+A and it selected 2219 regens, saved the file as text loaded the NewGan Manager but only 101 of the 2219 selected have faces. Have a missed something?
I have done all the steps Zealand says to do in the video but when i try the filter to show the newgens none show up it says 0 am i doing something wrong?
Brilliant i suggest watching the tutuiral for help if needed
It looks very good, however, whenever I downloaded it on Windows and tried to launch it, it never opened. I'm not sure if it's an issue on my end, but I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing seems to have worked.
From what I've seen of the facepack, it looks very good, but I've had issues getting it working. Specifcally, whenever I'm trying to add the "is newgen search filter" into FM, it will not appear even though I'm in the folder that it should be in. Any idea how I can get that .fmf file to show up?