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like all you´s tac
One of my favourite formations, by one of my favourite tactical authors. Plugged in for a home game against Man U (I was favourite to win, but United are still a decent team in my save). We smashed them 8-0. See discussion for the screenshot.
Lots of chances created, nice football, great counter-attacks and pretty solid at the back
I like the fact that you can put 2 AMs because they are abundant. I retrain my youth intake wingers to strikers or AMs
i tried use an AF and changed AP to support, do you think this will affect the way this formation plays. this is my first year of fm
Best tactic until now,so yeah 5 stars
Decided to give this tactic a try after losing too many games on my Sunderland save once i got back into the Premiership. Took a while for the players to adapt to the system but once they did results have been fantastic. Best Tactic i have used on fm 20! Great work!
what is the best?
Nice tactic, score alot.
Very good tactic, currently in 4th season with leeds, (1st in championship then 2 consecutive 6th place in prem) only downfall is playing against the big teams away seem to get battered all the time
Thanks Joey. I agree playing away against bigger teams it struggles badly. I have tried tweaking it for away games but cant find a tweak that works consistantly yet. I back using my old tactic that seems to be much more balanced especially away from home should maybe give that 1 a try see if it works any better for you.
Genius, can Bayern just hire him please thx
Excellent tactic
i will try it fore Celsea
Really happy with how you laid out this resource thread. Great stuff RDF!
Won the calcio with Milan the first year when i was expected to finish 6th.
We should be greatful to finally have easy access to this wonderful skin. Its getting each year better and finally most of the menus are now tied with the language file and proper localization. Using it since FM 18.
Great looking skin.
Very good job !