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Thanks !! Good skin ! Hope that 1.0.2 fixes some bugs !
Have good day !
Skins looks awesome but can´t get any arenas showing, it´s all empty?
Very nice tactic, on big games i drop the wing to the midfield.
great skin! 10/10
Great job...
So this tactic is really good honestly. But for Milan I was using Theo Hernandes and Davide Calabria as the wingbacks and after a few games they were really beat up. So ended up signing 2 more wing backs so I can always swap them between each match. This tactic really dominates teams but man does it put a lot of strain on your WB's.
Thanks for the review... I'm going to put something on the OP about the wingbacks as your not the first person to mention it... I personally have or at least try to have 2x strong in all positions but it's especially important at WB
I have been using this and his other Variant with AC Milan, Be warned your Striker must be really good to score lots of goals. But for me Mezzalas IW's managed to get each 10 goals + each. Kessie bagged almost 20 goals as an Attacking Mezala which is Crazy
A very good 4141 tactic.
This tactic is an absolute beast. I´m slamming everything - no matter which league or country
Looking good so far, played 5 won 5 scored 22 conceded 4 :) (as York)
Honestly works really well - no OI's works best which is weird! on 20.4 engine as of writing. Absolute beast tactic as am winning everything with all training etc left to *** man.
dominating everything even without suitable Wide Midefielders in my squad!
Used this for 1 Season fully with Milan, Won the Seria A and coppa Italia . I find it a bit frustrating that Rafael leao,Ibrahimovic did not manage to get over 10 goals.. I think combined they managed to get 10-14. Having a good Mezzala is Key as Kessie and Bennacer just tore apar the goal Kessie got 20 goals and bennacer got serie A player of the year .
Impressive,simply the best,my Lecce team looks like Liverpool on the field :)
Tried it for 4 games and got 24 yellow cards, despite that had really nice results.
This is a pretty decent tactic. For hard game put the winger on the middfield.
i dwoenload the file and did exactly what you told to do and its not working on my save with hull city
Well I can promise it works, PM me on the social media of your choice and I will try to help out
Works a treat if you struggling to break teams down and your strikers cant score.
thank you.