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Tactic is godly. The build-up play and goals often beautiful to look at.

Played with Arsenal using front three of Coutinho - Grealish - Muller, with subs of Maddison - Smith Rowe - Ziyech. Unstoppable
Download doesn't work.
100% Works
Was able to get it working on FM19 following A.Fant's instructions for FM20!

One issue I'm having is that the generated faces don't match the match engine characters; for example my ST is a blond, but the generated face is dark brunette hair; and my winger is a dark skinned German player, but the generated face is a typical looking caucasian. Wondering if there's a way to match those up better.
it is excellent, same issue as others though despite multiple downloads/ uninstalls the tool won't open past the installation phase.
I've followed the everything correctly but can't get the newgan app to open. has anyone got a fix?