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Beast tactic, recommend for everyone to try out solid defence with insane amont of goals from strikers.
This is superb. Thank you :)
Unbelievable, amazing work man !
Speechless. I have no speech.
Deadly in attack and solid defence with Top team Inter Milan
3rd in PL, 29 games played, no transfers. Very suited to Leeds given the amount of left footed wingers we have.
lost 9-2 against Liverpool in the first match with Tottenham, lost 6-0 against wolves in the second match, lost 4-1 against sheffield in the third match. absolut rubbish this tactic
Glad you liked it.
442 is great, insane amount of goals
Playing as VFL Wolfsburg, this tactic has been the only one that works for me from all the others I have tested. Looks very strong for mid table teams.
Another good tactic. TY.