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Don't see to be working that well for me with Bristol City in the Prem.
So far played 11 in all comps won 3 drew 1 lost 7!!!
Maybe it only works with a higher standard of player or im doing something wrong.
Works spot on
insane tactics so many goals ! work wonders with man utd/inter/amadrid and more
Great pack! Has some lower leagues logos too!
Love it ! Have you guys had any progress with the regen ethnicity issue yet ?
Fantastic, I played with my 6 th division team in France and I beat Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 Team very easily.
great tactic working excellent with variety of team. but you have to make team familiar with it else it won't work
Installed this for FM18 and it works like a charm with that version as well. Though I had to uninstall again since there where too many known faces for my liking. Had three NHL players show up in my U21 and another one interviewing me in a post-match press conference. If I had no idea who those hockey players where I would still rock this pack as it's great for immersion.
Top tatic for top teams.
Great pack
I may not say excellent as of now but it's a very good tactic tho
Worked with every team i took :
Sunderland in 3 years in PL, then finished in top 4 during 3 years.
Then Win the title with : Chievo, Hoffenheim, Reims (France), Blackburn
Finished 3rd with Valladolid (after Real and Barça).
Lots of no-losing series in every leagues !
Great details
What to you do if you have 2 games in one week and one of them is a big game?
Used this tactic with Man Utd and Newcastle United, had an unbeaten first season at Man Utd, winning the league by a gazillion points but going out in the cup competitions. Just started the second season, lost my 3rd game against newly promoted Blackburn which is a big shock. With Newcastle I had a large winning streak, almost winning the league, but lost 6 on the bounce at the end of the season, only finishing top 4, I think this was more to do with my squad being mentally weak with no strong leaders than a flaw with the tactic. This is a game changing tactic, truly fantastic when bedded in.
Just wondering if and how I install on fm touch?
been using this tactic for 2 seasons with barca b, great tactic if you like to play possession based football, the only downside to it is that you receive a lot of goals from through balls so i would recommend to put one of the center backs on cover to help with that a little bit.
cheers bro for trying it
This tactic took Barnsley, a team favorites to be relegated from the Championship, to first place.
I tried this tactic with the current very run-of-the-mill Manchester United team. I used my 1st season transfer budget to bring in Jude Bellingham on a permanent transfer and loaned in James Rodriguez from Real Madrid and Thiago Almada from Velez to add some depth in certain positions.

The tactic itself worked fantastically well against much stronger squads at Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham. From memory, I won 29, drew 6 and lost 3. Some of the "poorer" results came from having to rotate squad players due to fixture congestion as competing on 4 fronts for much of the season.

I ended the season with the team winning the Premier League (way beyond expectations), Europa League and the Carabao Cup. I lost in the final of the FA Cup after extra time. The Manager of the Year award came my way too!

Brilliant tactic - looking forward to trying it with a really poor Newcastle United team.