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Awesome, thank you very much!
Kodjia Master
Kodjia Master
Thank you...
Thanks for sharing this bro but I think you need to fix the XML file. It didn't work for me at first, until i switched skins. After testing a little, it seems some skins just don't work with the pack. I was using "TangFu" (centred) at first then changed it to the left sided version and it works. This also works for some other skins too.

If it doesn't work at first, try changing skin.
Only good for top teams, not underdogs
Tested with Liverpool (98points), Preston (94 points), Rochdale (67) and Swindon (97points) and it did great in every team.
best tactic ive ever seen. tried with arsenal without any transfer, it works perfect
It's doing the job for me in the Superettan with relegation candidates Syrianska FC. Currently top of the league after 12 games. W8 D3 L1. It also saved me from relegation last season (only in charge for half of it). Only gripe is the insane amount of yellow and red cards I seem to get, but apart from that it's a great tactic.
Doesn't work, After following the steps the faces don't appear in any player in my youth club.
Another super tactic form Lisa.
great player overview