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    Shock and disbelief!!!

    This is so strange. Twice now I have registered a squad for the Sudamericana Cup, and both time news ticked in of shock and disbelief that I have not included two star players. Fair enough, these two should be in my squad. There is only one thing... BOTH ARE OUT ON LOAN AT OTHER CLUBS...
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    100% on three tactics

    My first game and only a few weeks, maybe a month into my save my team has maximum knowledge of three tactics. This was NOT normal on FM 14.
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    Bayern München tactic; possession (+suggestions)

    Hi! I have tried to make a tactic for Bayern München, which tries to resemble the side Pep has, and of course, having a lot of possession. I can't help it, I need to have possession... PS: I Use LFC Marshall Data Update I want some of you to look at it and offer suggestions to how I can make...
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    What is the Best tactic for Bayern Munchen

    I have tried searching hard, but can't find anything that seems to suit me. I want to play 4-1-4-1 or 4-3-3 which replicates the current Bayern team. They keep the ball, press hard and utilise the wingers and have side-backs that push up high and usually wide. Also a holding midfielder. Tried...
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    Barcelona tactic

    I have been testing out a tiki-taka tactic with Barcelona. I know, it's not that difficult to get results with a team like this, but - nevertheless. My aim was to test out a possession tactic as that has been my favourite with any team I manage during the recent FM Versions. Tactic download If...
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    Squad Numbers Error

    Why is it that when giving out squad numbers, players who are not in the first team have them withdrawn? So everytime I use U18 or certain reserve players (not all reserve players lose their squad numbers during seasons), I have to continue submitting squad numbers to players who I have already...
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    Slow FM

    My game has suddendly become slow. It happend after I shortlisted 7000 players (it may or may not be any relation to the sudden slowness) and saved it. I deleted the files and uninstalled it on STEAM and installed it again. Still it's slow. Slow only on certain things, as far as I know when I...
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    USER: Avatar etc Help :-)

    How do I get my own avatar? I can't seem to find it on my user-edit. Also, how get a signature (below each comment I make) also signature with a picture below. Please help :wub:<)
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    Penalties - is it for real???

    Has anyone had the same problem as me; I am missing nearly ALL my penalties. No matter who takes it. I have missed 5 out of 8 penalties in the league, and in the cup just now I missed on more penalties. 4 out of 4 to be exact. My penalty takers are presumably good, but this is getting...