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Recent content by aizo4576

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    Reading Season 1

    Need some players who will really set the league on fire. Got ?5m to spend, but that is before making any sales. This is my formation: I think the main thing I need is a new starting striker (DLF/A) and then some youngsters for most positions. Maybe a young AP/A who would be capable of being...
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    Has anyone done an Editor Data file updating kit colours?

    For the BPL, specifically. I don't believe that the LFCMarshall update does that, and I can't find one. If nobody has done one I'll do one for the BPL only, but I don't really want to waste my time if someone has done it already. Cheers :)
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    Swansea DLP and Anchor Man - Season 2

    £20m Everyone seems to be either too expensive or not interested :( Any suggestion for either? Anchor Man should be someone young(So high potential > High ability) Cheers :)
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    Swansea - Season 1

    Hey Just started as Swansea but I'm not really sure who to sign... So far got Drenthe on a free, and I'm buying Adryn and Doria I've missed out on Okore, Kara and Kweuke Got about £10m left for all round improvements, so suggestions? Cheers :)
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    Benfica - Season 1 - LFC Marshall Update - Full Backs

    Need a new LB and RB, but no idea who to buy :( Need them to be cheap + have low wages if possible. I'd prefer a few versatile players, to give us more depth I've got about ?5m for the pair, but may be able to get a bit more Cheers :)
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    Bit of help please

    Is there a mid table PL club on LFCMarshall's latest update with a large transfer budget? cheers :)
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    Bit of help please

    Is there a mid table PL club on LFCMarshall's latest update with a large transfer budget? cheers :)
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    Dinamo - Season 1

    Hey guys, started as Dinamo in Croatia Playing 4-2-3-1(2 CM's, AML/R, AMC, ST) Any suggestions on who to sign? Got about 2mill. Not really sure where I need Strengthening Thanks :)
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    Ukranian kits

    Anybody know where I can download them? :) I mean for the Ukranian league(ie Shaktar) Thanks :)
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    SLB Backup - Jan Season 1

    Hey guys Currently playing as SLB, and I'm in my first season. When January comes, I am going to have a massive switch around in my squad, bringing in back up that I need and selling off deadwood. I will probably have around £5m to spend, but I'm not sure who to get. I need to backup to...
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    Arsenal - Poacher for the future?

    Looking to buy someone who will develop in to one of the best poachers in the world. Will start as back up to Walcott. I was thinking Niang or Leandro? Any other suggestions? Budget is idk, however much I need to spend. Would much rather spend under £15m though. Thanks :)
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    Arsenal Striker - First Season

    Looking for either a Poacher or Advanced forward to partner RVP up top. Want to spend under £20m if possible. Thanks :)
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    Need a badge made - Not sure if in right place

    Hey guys, I was hoping somebody here would do me a massive favor and make me a badge for a team I just made. It must have an animal like a tiger on it. The colour scheme is Purple/Black, however I wouldn't mind a bit of white. The team name is Stevenage Hunters. Other than that it's all up to...
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    Who should I buy? - Real Madrid Season 2

    Hey guys, Finished first season with Madrid had a lot of success. Not sure who to sign, though. I've sold Sahin(He was unhappy) and I'm going to bring in Poli as back up to Xabi Alonso.... This is my team right now: My budget is £121m, but I obviously don't want to spend that much(+ I wanna...
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    World Class Poacher - Arsenal

    First Season £30m budget, would rather spend less Must be an already top class Poacher to bang in the goals! Playing as a lone striker with an AML(winger), AMC(Playmaker) and AMR(Inside Forward) around him. Suggestions? Thanks :) PS. I'm using a custom DB with the latest transfers, so...