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    Short defenders

    Would you buy this player? THE CATCH: He's 5'10 and can only play as a centre half.
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    Deep Lying Playmaker or Defensive Midfielder?

    I'm managing Arsenal and normally use a 4-3-3. At the midfield, i use a DM (Bender/Javi Martinez), DLP[s] (Ramsey/Wilshere) and AP (Ozil/Carzola). **2 good players for each position** I often dominate games with that formation, but not when playing away against big teams who use 4-4-1-1/ 4-4-2...
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    I don't know how I beat City 4-0 at the Etihad

    Using an Arsenal save, I had Man City at the Etihad on the last day of the Premier League. I was still unbeaten at that point, so i had all the pressure to finish without a single loss. Normally I use a 4-3-3, with the midfield being a DM/BWM(d), DLP(s) & and AP(a). But i still got thrashed...
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    In need of an Inside Forward Left at Arsenal

    Looking for an Inside Forward Left to replace Sanchez. Someone with his traits but also a regular scorer. He's been a disappointment to say the least. He barely reaches 10 goals a season.