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Recent content by andy_14clark

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    Chairman Game - Is there demand?

    If people are still interested in giving this a go and are not in the discord chat give me a shout. We use discord to chat but then post to here in story form (transfer windows, giving updates on how your team is doing at each checkpoint etc.)
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    Chairman Game - Is there demand?

    Check out the link in my think just below (the premier league chairman banner). It should take you to the page when we last ran one two year ago. The rules are at the start. Just requires a PC version of the game and that is it. We have a discord channel which we found easier to communicate on...
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    Chairman Game - Is there demand?

    Yeah I think we can get something started with 5. Just DPorter to join the discord but know they were interested.
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    Chairman Game - Is there demand?

    Well that puts us at 5 people for now to get one started. Anyone else fancy it before we get started?
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    Chairman Game - Is there demand?

    Well so far think there would only be 3 so far as none of the original people who posted on here have replied yet
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    Chairman Game - Is there demand?

    Anyone else interested in this?
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    Chairman Game - Is there demand?

    I used to run one and had a discord channel setup for discussions, negotiations etc. If one was run, I would be happy to join in. Think I would struggle atm to run it again as we did get through quite a bit. Think the last one I ran, rather than teams being picked, I took names down then did a...
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    FC Nordsjaelland - The Right To Dream

    Great story once again. Don't know what it is with my saves but I can never get my wingers to produce much and not sure why. Like to try them as IF/IW but not sure what I am missing!
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    What tactics do you use and what is your main starting 11?
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    FC Nordsjaelland - The Right To Dream

    Great to see a new save up and running. This should be an interesting read.
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    An Andorran Adventure

    Great read, loving the story. Be good to see how you get on without major backing from the owner. Looking forward to the next installment.
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    Newcastle United - Life After Ashley - Under New Management

    I agree with Sam. Would love to see you do a VS or VN save or an unemployed save.
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    Aitor Herrera - The King of Bilbao

    Good to see the return of Aitor Herrara! Look forward to seeing what happens next.
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    Fan Turned Manager - My Beloved Gills - Reiginiting My Fire For FM21

    Just to ask, is this FM or FM Touch? Which skin do you use as I like the look of that. Great start to the story.
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    "Oh me lads, you should've seen us gannin'" - Newcastle United - Making The Supporters Happy Again!

    As a Sunderland fan I hate to see this haha. But great story never the less as always!