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    Australian players

    Starting new save in A-League. what players could people recommend me to sign prefer australian players but other would be appreciated
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    Starting a new save in A-League. What countries would people recommend loading. As you cant transfer players from with the same league. Any ideas
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    Is there any way of playing in the CFA leagues in france
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    kit help

    im wanting to play with a team lower than conference south/north. but i like to have the kits. just wondered if their is a kit pack with the ryman teams in
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    Workshop problem

    Im wanting to download the Lower leagues of Scotland which there is a database on the workshop but when i subscribe to it and go downloads it does not appear so i done it through going to downloads ingame and subscribing from there but same problem. Can anyone help
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    MLS help

    Im playing as Vancouver in first season. I have won all competions except champions league. I came to January for Superdraft and Supplement Draft but it will not let me Participate in either. I have got picks but it skips the day and automatically picks players. Can anyone help
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    Please help

    Im playing as Vancouver Whitecaps and i want to change the camera but when i go to change it to 3d it has the camera options greyed out all together and cant change to anything but 2d
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    Can someone tell me

    Im using the Vancouver Whitecaps in MLS. I was hoping if anyone who has got past the first season whether Orlando City and New York Cosmos join second season. I think they are meant to just wanted confirmation
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    Any idea

    I'm playing as Ipswich and have been developing youth al through i keep checking AIS in Australia but teams from Holland snap the good players up. Does anyone know when the AIS get a intake would it be with Australia or is it random
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    Lower League

    im playing with the latest LFCMarshall update and trying to download a lower league database for england but they all seem to conflict with the update. Does anyone know a english lower league database that works with the update
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    I am playing as Villareal in first season and was looking at Nice in France.I looked in there youth team and noticed a regen player called Alexis Maupay.I looked at his information and it said Neil Maupay was his brother. I didn't think real players could have regen brothers. Has anyone else...
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    Facepack problem please help

    I have the cut out megapack and it shows that youth players such as Jordan rossitter and other youth players are in it but when im in game the pictures does not show up. Is it just me or do other people have this problem. Please help. My location is My documents>Football manager 2014>editor...
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    Jordan Rossiter

    Hi all just wanted to know if anyone has a Facepack Megapack or single pack that has Jordan Rossiter in it. I have the cut out Facepack and his picture is in there but does not show up at all but others do. I dont get it, All help appreciated.