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Recent content by AshmoEFC

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    Everton. who to buy and sell??

    Just started an Everton career just wondering who i should sell/buy?? ive got 3.4million to spend. i was thinking of holding onto Pienaar, selling Bilyaletdinov and looking for a AM R/L mainly for the left but so i can switch them. also a left back as cover for baines. any ideas would be great...
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    help with uploading the kit packs (missing kits?)

    hey, i was wondering if anyone could help me, ive been onto the FM guides section and done exactly what the guides say as to uploading the kits. graphics folder/kits folder ect. ive done that and the premier league ones are showing except for a few like arsenal home, spurs home. its got both...
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    Help on downloading tactics

    hey, just looking for some help, hope ive put this in the right place. ive downloaded a couple of tactics and want to use them in my game, using my common sense i put the file ending .tac in the tactics folder in football manager folder. but i load my game up and look under the tactics and cant...