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    433 Total Football [Deleted]

    Congratulations on the epic and wonderful Opening Post! /s
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    4--4-2 DM

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    FM20.4.1 BEOWULF 4411 P102 ALL CUPS (FM19 UPDATED)

    It is updated to latest patch on FM20 yes.
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    Tactic Testing is fun!

    Can someone explain the "Overall", "Elite", "Top". etc. sections. I don't understand this 😳
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    NaKangLim 433 - ByH [Deleted]

    Well the table-screenshot is identical to the one he uses for his "PepBBak" tactic, so who knows what's actually correct.
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    FMKorea Wolves Libero

    Very good at home for me, not so good in away games.
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    New Tactic Guidelines

    Great initiative. Thanks Liam!
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    The quality of posts have declined significantly on the new FM-Base. It seems like people only dump a tactic-file on the site to get it tested nowadays. I miss the old FM-Base. Would it not be possible to have a separate thread for testing where people could add their tactic, and still focus on...
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    Knap's FM20 Tactics vol 2

    Thanks for sharing new tactics here, the thread over at SI has become very hard to keep up with.
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    My corner setup

    Ok, so if I load the setup twice it looks more like your SS and can be fixed to some degree. Can't get two "TK" though. I'm playing 442 and it seems like it's not possible to implement your setup.
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    My corner setup

    The double corner taker setting is impossible to recreate for me. Also the corner set pieces is nothing like in the picture when I import it into my game using a different formation than OP.
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    What's happening with site UI? (Screenshots inside)

    This is how I'm used to see FMBase: and now.... It suddenly looks horrible: If I didn't know any better I'd think the UI-designers from Google had taken over! Is this something new/intentional? Or is this issue only on my end? (I'm going blind here from all the white)
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    ---# ANDURIL #--

    Just wanted to share what I'm playing with as it gives me great results while trying to use a more wide style of play than what's been the case for most tactics in FM17. This won't be a super-elaborate OP, just wanted to share as it probably is the tactic I'm having the most fun with. FORMATION...
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    (TWEAK) StephenK Perfect_352 (TWEAK)

    Did a tweak of StephenKs perfect_352! and so credit to him for his great tactic! And it really kicks *** for me. My aim was to have a tactic that was very solid defensively, while still producing goals. Also, and this was my main goal... Get a working tactic that utilizes the wide players...
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    This thread has been renamed as a better tactic has taken it over (or two tactics has...). Standard version (Renegade - By Guzzla v2) Formation: Team Instructions: OI: Download: Renegade - by Guzzla v2_16508C4E-4445-4B84-AFB8-32F4AD04C155 Big club version (Renegade - By Guzzla...