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    Elendig tråd! Hva med SS av formasjon og resultat?
  2. Augustin1979

    FM21 (4-3-1-2) @[email protected]

    I'd be interested in testing a 442 version!
  3. Augustin1979

    Treble Winning INVINCIBLES!!!!!!

    Even though you say it's a 4231 I think more people would try a tactic if there is a SS of the actual formation. Does this use tactic use IF or wingers, what's the MC roles.. There's lots of info in a screenshot of the tactic.
  4. Augustin1979

    FM 20.4 (4-2-4) @[email protected] v2

    I'd love to test it! :D
  5. Augustin1979

    FM 2021 Beta Tactic By Öztürk Birol

    Screenshot of tactic? Impossible to even tell the formation based on the info you've given us.
  6. Augustin1979

    433 Total Football [Deleted]

    Congratulations on the epic and wonderful Opening Post! /s
  7. Augustin1979

    4--4-2 DM

  8. Augustin1979

    FM20.4.1 BEOWULF 4411 P102 ALL CUPS (FM19 UPDATED)

    It is updated to latest patch on FM20 yes.
  9. Augustin1979

    Tactic Testing is fun!

    Can someone explain the "Overall", "Elite", "Top". etc. sections. I don't understand this ?
  10. Augustin1979

    NaKangLim 433 - ByH [Deleted]

    Well the table-screenshot is identical to the one he uses for his "PepBBak" tactic, so who knows what's actually correct.
  11. Augustin1979

    FMKorea Wolves Libero

    Very good at home for me, not so good in away games.
  12. Augustin1979

    New Tactic Guidelines

    Great initiative. Thanks Liam!
  13. Augustin1979


    The quality of posts have declined significantly on the new FM-Base. It seems like people only dump a tactic-file on the site to get it tested nowadays. I miss the old FM-Base. Would it not be possible to have a separate thread for testing where people could add their tactic, and still focus on...