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    FM19 windows 10 problem ?

    Hey guys,i need your expertize on this matter... I bought FM19 a week ago,right after i upgraded my laptop to windows 10 pro 64p(windows 7 previously),and for my dissapointment it runs very slowly. At first i thought my laptop doesnt meet the requirements,lenovo i5 2.20 CPU,4 GB RAM,HDD 500...
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    What's your biggest FM15 satisfaction ?

    Hey fellas, I know that there is a similar thread,but here you can post all your satisfaction,not just succeses Mine is:Winning UCL with my own tactic with Leicester,or signing Messi and Neymar for both Leicester and Crotone Winning 80+ games in a row with Crotone... And much more... What's...
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    My Leicester save-for SteveScarlett

    Steve requested my Leicester save,and i uploaded it here. I hope it isn't a problem. :) 25056
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    Same ****** thread/question-Laptop for FM16

    Hey guys, I noticed that there are some similar threads,but inactive,so... My PC is so ****,that even with a league loaded,game speed is only half a star,so i'm moving to college,and decided to buy a laptop,a good one,to allow me to play at maximum speed,if possible. ;-) On a 1-10 scale,how...
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    FM16 Touch

    Does Samsung Galaxy s4 can run FM16 touch ? Or only FM16 Mobile ? And can someone can give me minimum system requirements for FM16 Touch for tablets to work ? Cheers !
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    S.M.A.S.H. and S.H.I.E.L.D.

    ****** name,isn't it ?! :P I'm not that good at creating some amazing OP,and i don't even have much time I decided to try something new,after days of tweaking,i realised that my tactic's TI's are almost the same with TFF's Predator,what a coincidence.I decided to "stole" his PI's and Freekicks...
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    Official FM15 Alternative skin

    Hi again guys,I've just finished re-installing my Windows,and somehow,all skins are deleted.My computer is without network connection for about 1 month and a half,and from my phone ,i can't acces Steam. My best friend is in a holyday,so I'm without any options.If someone's in a good mood,to send...
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    Felix Passlack

    What the **** is this ?! I've never seen something like this before He plays for U19 team,and currently tutored by Daniel Alves Due to transfer ban,i might give first team matches,next season,backup for Azpilicueta
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    The best midfield trio -19 yo(17)

    Hi again, Just wanted to show you my midfield trio: Gianluca Gaudino-a 19 yo german b2b,bought for 60+installments Youri Tielemans-the preffered young midfielder,best young CM,bought for 15m Krystian Bielik-a 18yo polish defensive midfielder(almost 19 yo),bought him for 29m And and i have...
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    Raheem Sterling-WBR

    As you may know,in my latest Barca save,i bought Sterling,and in first season i used him as a DLF.He was a very good backup,with loads of goals and assists,but,now in my 2nd season,Dani Alves left the club(future free tranfer) and Flanagan returned to L'pool.Due to transfer ban,i couldn't bought...
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    Hachim Mastour bid !

    Today,in the summer transfer window,many clubs had declared their interest in signing my player from Ajax.. He's 18 now,i wanted to offer him a new contract,but with so many interests,he refused and became unhappy. He is my fav player from my Ajax squad,and my best player,despite having big...
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    I need a CM/DM - Ajax 3rd season

    Hey guys,I'm really enjoying my Ajax save,currently in 2016,I like Romero,one of my fav wk in FM 2015 but PSG's offer was pretty good:60m upfronf and 30% profit...so i let him go,instead of being unhappyI sold Vazquez too,for 30m,bought with 2 :)So i need a young CM or a DM,prreferably a CM who...
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    Peterborough-From League 1 to Premier league champions !

    This is my first FM2015 story,so take it easy :) I'm not such a writer or an expert storyman,but my purpuse is to bring glory to Peterborough... They are a poor club,with 2,5 stars reputation,and the club values is 10m€ Media prefiction is 6th,but i hope i can promovate this year... I want to...
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    Gyazo-help !

    Hi again :) I just need you help... I tried to download Gyazo,but i can't,its not downloading...i've tried many times,different links...but its not working... Could soneone post him as an attachment or sent to me by email ??? Many thanks ! Cheers !
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    Match report - HELP

    Hey guys, Could someone explain to me where i can see/find the type of pass/ball that the oppositions uses ? Many thanks ! In this screenshot,what type of passing/balls they are using ?