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    playgm Wufeng Swords

    this is the best tactic in fm20, extreme solid defense but I must admit that I struggle to score more than two goals in my Bayern save, IF's don't score but i'm tweaking a little recently, AM to f9 and my wingers to attack instead of support, dribble less rather than run often, player...
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    Can someone tell me why does a player who have his penalty attribute at 20 miss around 40% of his penalties? I don't want to mention my frustration about one on ones or high defensive line but this is unbelievable, for 20 I would accept if he missed 2 out of 10, realistic they said.
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    Bayern Fanatic 4-2-3-1 Home + Away ( UPDATE )

    First of all credit go's to Verherthung tactic creator which I uploaded his tactic from FM17 to FM18 and made tweaks if you have a striker like Icardi, Kane, Belotti etc.. who is good in air, off the ball, finishing etc.. don't hesitate to change the CF to AF as Kalinic was a beast in milan...
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    New roles doesn't appear!!

    why doesn't the new roles appear such as carrilero, mezzala or Segundo volante if they were in the middle of the pitch??!!! is it just me or what?
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    Hasenhuttl Counter 4-4-2

    Hasenhuttl Counter 4-4-2 ( new version released ) This is a tactic inspired from RBL playing style its a 4 defenders 4 mids 2 attackers tactic counter, speed, quick passes, high tempo, score a lot, beautiful football to watch tested with TSV Munchen 1860 in Bundesliga 2 and Bundesliga 1 +...
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    Field Warriors 3-6-1 defensive tactic for underdog teams

    - This tactic gave me success with Watford its very strong in defense and you will have many clean sheats - you don't need fast defenders - you don't need a real target man, Penaranda is my team hero - players with high determination, teamwork, work rate, tackling etc is the best for this tactic...
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    2-8-0 Pep 2009 possession tactic

    If you are a possession football fan congrats your in the right place :P I've made a tactic similar to Pep's Barcelona 2009 tactic, for teams like Barca, Bayern, Arsenal, Juve ( teams who have players suit possession tactics ) it would be perfect i tested the tactic till January 2017 with...
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    12 sub for premier league

    How can i make 12 sub players for the premier league for example? like the Italian league and international competitions? Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
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    Newgens wages

    I'm finding it hard to sign newgens from the other teams for a reasonable wage when i offer for them a contract, most of them want around €600k per year!!! is it normal or is it because i have low youngster knowledge (1)? it happened to me in both saves Man city and Tottenham Sent from my...
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    New save game speed

    Hi since FM16 i face the half star or a star estimated game speed so does it realy efect? i always choose one league per save with a small or medium database and i wish that i can use a large one someday with many leagues in a single save without the game speed being slow Sent from my SM-N910C...
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    lost my saved game!!!

    hi everyone im frustrated how did i lose my saved game, just yesterday got the game and started with Arsenal and today i find out that there is no save!!! did someone have the same problem? i don't want to start a new one and have the same situation again Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
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    3-6-1 libero ( i need advice )

    Hi everyone im trying to replicate Ottmar ( der general ) Hitzfeld tactic who usualy used it with Fc Bayern during his first era 98-02 (after that he didnt use it until he left in 04), i made a similar tactic and i tried it in two or three matches in my Bayern save but of course with diffrent...
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    Bayern possession ( test )

    hi everyone i'm testing a possession tactic with my Bayern team (3rd season ) iv'e tried it in 5 matches in a row untill now, iv'e gained too many fouls, 3 red cards from the opposite team, too many chances to score etc. nothing much to say, match prepration and training are controled by my AM...
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    Fc Bayern super tactic

    Hi everyone this is a tactic that i made in my Fc Bayern save i called it Heynckes because its almost similar to Jupp's tactic in 2013 solid defence, dangerous counters, wonderful attacking football both in home and away in fm16 it's all about marking so in this tactic if you want to be...