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    Slight Patch Problem

    Hi guys, I've been using DaemonTools to save me from having my FM Disc in my drive all the time (laptop gets far too hot with disc in). However when I installed the official patch and tried to play the game it was saying Insert Disc, even though I had mounted it. Im confused. Any Ideas?
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    Squad Page

    On FM10 I used to like to have my squad page laid out in 2 columns, but on FM11 I can't figure out how to do it, does anyone know how to do it? On 10 it used to be Views > General > Positions I believe.
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    Default Kits

    Just wondering guys if anyone is planning to make a Kit pack for the teams that done have kits in game using the new default template, ala: I quite like the look of them :) And would love a premier league pack if anyone is up for it!
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    Player cut out request

    Hey guys, any chance of a cut out of this...? 8153013
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    Wimbledon Logos

    Does anyone have/can make the logos for Wimbledon FC to go in game?
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    Logo Needed

    Could someone please make this into Normal and Small size for in game please? :) ---------- Post added at 02:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:16 PM ---------- Need this one too :) Thanks guys
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    Could someone help me out please?

    Basically im being a cheeky ****** and would like to request Normal, icon, bgr and bgl's of the following logo.... Would be great if someone could help me out!
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    Help me please? :)

    Basically guys, i've made my own fantasy team in FM and was just wondering if anyone could help me out with a logo and some kits? First of all, I need some logos making from this badge: and the...