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    Leaving clubs

    I managed swansea and won the pl/ fa with the in my first season and had buit an amazing squad on underated cheep amazing players( kayal, gds, bridgeetc) then i left the squad with a healthy €274k of free wage budget and €40 mill to spend. They emidietly sold their key players( gds, bridge...
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    Unhappy ex captain

    I always have this issue when i get in a board meeting that says that i should change captain and cause i have the worlds worst mouse i clicked add new captain my old one who is also my key player gets upset and he wont let me talk to him. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
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    Slow gameplay

    My game is going seriously slow. I have portugal, england, germany, scotland and spain 1st divisions loaded and an estimated speed of 31/2 stars and yet in the whole time i have spent writing this it has been loading. Ive set it that it will remove portugal and scotland at the end of the season.
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    Favourite players

    In This thread you can state your favourite players naming their club and position Eg Neuer-gk-bayern Delac-gk-chelsea Lahm-dl/r-bayern Hummels-dc-dortmund Pique-dc-barca Santon-dl/r-newcastle Ashley jones-dc-swansea Bale-ml-totenham Shweinsteiger-mc-bayern Alaba-mc-bayern Hulk-amr/l,st-fc porto...
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    The second caiser of Bayern

    Im standing here, in the worlds largest stadium with over a billion eyes on me, however, i notice nothing but the small ball being faught over. Its the world cup final, germany verses Brazil and the scores 1:0 to us, germany, but after schweini got the red card, brazil ar running other us...
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    Fmh 2011 ipod crash

    Ive played two seasons with bath and won the bsp, l2,fa cup and europa cup. Every time I try and start the next season it crashes. I really want this save cause I want to get all the unlockables. Any help / ideas.
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    Fmh 2012 ipod

    When is fmh 2012 coming out on ipod?
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    I was wondering what the unlockables for fm 12 are and how to get them. Ive looked through the forum and have found nothing about them but if anyone nows anything or can give me a link ide be very gratfull. Thanks :)
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    Ca and Pa

    Does anyone now the top 11 players in ca and pa?
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    Oliver kahn

    Why is oliver kahn called jens mustermann on fm?
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    Injury problem

    Ive been getting far more injurys in the matches tha usual, even when player condition is high. They just get injured for no reason. Any ideas?
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    Favourite utube videos

    For example mine ar theasdf movies and fynnu football/soccer and angry german kid
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    Favourite movie

    I was wondering what peoples favourite movies might be, for example mine are johnny english, harry potter and batman begins/dark knight.
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    Are defenders and goalkeepers underated?

    Why are top strickers worth £70 million and yet you can get a top def/gk for £20mill. People say that srickers score goals but whats the point of scoring if the defence concede as many goals as are scored. Matches arent always won by scoring goals , but by stoping goals (inter v barca)
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    Who has higher standing in the team? Vice captain or goalkeeper?

    After the captain who has a higher standing in the team? The goalkeeper controls the defence and yet the vice is a backup for the captain.