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Recent content by CallumHowey

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    Callum's Be A Pro Game Applicants Thread.

    Applications CLOSED! I have been a keen follower of BAP/BAM's and I have decided to make my own. Every player taking part in this Be A Pro game will be 14 Y/O and have a starting CA of 110, and a PA of 200. You can also post what ever team you would like to start at, however the team you...
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    A Guide To - Arsenal FC!

    Callum's Guide To: Arsenal FC! Note: This is my first guide for any club. Another note I can guarantee it will not be as good as Chris' Newcastle Guide or a lot of other you will have seen scattered around FM-Base and the internet. This guide is done for the 11.2 patch and I hope to tell you...
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    Need a good poacher for Borussia Dortmund

    I'm in the January transfer window and I only have 1 good striker (Lucas Barrios), so I'm looking for a poacher. Juventus have signed Kadlec so I can't buy him either, so any recommendations? I also only have 4 million to spend. I'd prefer him to be young as well so he can develop into a quality...
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    Team instructions won't change.

    I have a problem when putting tactics made by users on this forum into my game. When I import it, all the positions important the roles etc... However the team instructions stay at balanced. I've tried closing the application and starting many new games, however they won't change. Here's some...