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    Crazy problem

    Ok here's the problem I have never experienced this problem by myself i just wanted to play a net game with my friend, he was the host an then this happened it opes the game in firefox, after he clicked HERE this happened did anyone ever experienced the same problem, and if yes, how do you fix it
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    Total Barca v1.2 [FM 2011 11.2.1]

    Total Barca v1.2 Hi! Everyone. In this thread i want to present you my Total Barca tactic. As the name says this is a tactic that I used for my Barca team, but I'm sure it will work on most big teams (not tested on smaller teams, so if someone wants to test it, please tell how it worked) With...
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    clichy for any price you want

    i'm in january 2011 with barcelona i offered 0 € for clichy jus for fun and they accepted it i thought that something is wrong so i loaded the game an again offered 0 € and they again accepted it. i again loaded the game and offered 1 € 1 mil 3 mill 100k 10 mil and they all were accepted but the...
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    wil muniesa become a good player please tell so i can know should i keep him if you have give me screen shots of him so i can se how he develops ---------- Post added at 04:07 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:59 PM ---------- is he better on the 10.2 patch or on the 10.3
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    will lukaku be a star player

    i know everyone speaks highly about him but im a little sceptical about him here's a screen shoot of him so please tell me is he on your games at the begining like this or is he not good on my 10.2 patch