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    Nation Foreign Player Rules

    Hi, How do I edit a nation's rules regarding the amount of foreign players that are allowed? I am really annoyed by the fact that the Dutch Eredivisie is all foreign players after a few seasons. Thanks in advance!
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    Do nations improve?

    So there are a couple factors that (usually) contribute to success in football as a nation; mainly the size of the economy (available wealth) and the interest in the sport (amount of people playing football). Which left me wondering, if you coach a developing nation, let's say Indonesia, and...
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    New season in England won't start

    Hi, I'm currently in the third year of my career with HBS (in the Netherlands) and I just noticed that the English league system is stuck in the 2015/16 season. Every other country seems to be fine. I do have an English league mod installed. Does anyone know if this can be fixed, and how...