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    Is this a Hard Brexit? (Screenshot!)

    I'm playing as Celtic in 2018. I haven't been able to find this option on any forum, when playing in the Scottish league. So honestly I have no idea. The second picture makes no sense to me, hahah. Any help is appreciated!
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    Not scoring enough?

    I'm playing as Blackburn Rovers, first season. I'm going into january, having only scored around 20 goals all season. I'm playing a direct high tempo attacking tactic. Playing highly structured, 4-3-3 DM. Do you have any input, or general advice on how to do better in the Championship? What do...
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    Random Screenshots Thread

    Hey guys! I haven't yet seen a screenshot thread for FM17 - so I thought I'd make one! I'll go first: I simulated my game into the future, and came across Dybala - look at those stats! :O So not exactly that funny - just thought I would share it anyway! Feel free to show off your cool...
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    Horrible text resolution

    I'm on a 2013 Retina Macbook Pro. With Retina resolution enabled, the performance is terrible. Without it, the performance is great, but the menus and text and logos are all grainy and hard to read. Is there any way around this? Thanks in advance.
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    FM16 Touch compatibility

    Hey guys. I've always played FM on my Macbook Pro. I'm however thinking of buying the new Samsung Note 7. Does anyone know if this device us compatible with FM Touch, or rather just FM Mobile? Thank you very much.
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    Hey guys. Has anyone had any luck with Breel Embolo yet? Is he a striker capable of banging the goals in, for a good BPL side for example?
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    Game too easy?

    I know not all people feel this way. But I developed this one tactic myself, which I have perfected over 1000 hours of gameplay, which basically wins everything. I take over a team, win the title each year, go to a bigger club, win the title first year there.. I finished 4th in the BPL with...
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    Retraining to new position

    Hey guys. I just bought this amazing 19-year old Mexican winger (regen) - couldn't pass up on it. However, my winger positions are packed. So I was thinking of converting him to a DR or WBR - however, at the moment he is ineffective, meaning no knowledge, in the position. So any idea how long it...
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    Useless assistant manager

    Hey. Is this a bug? I set the assistant manager to handle all training, and he only selects Ball Control! The other percentages are when I've managed the training myself. But I'm curious as to why the heck he doesn't switch it up at all?
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    Player interaction is killing me

    Whaaa boohoo. I mean what does he want me to do? Sell him before they make a bid? Accept any offer that is made for him? Come on. Honestly how can this still be so freakin bugged?
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    What is the furthest you have gotten, when starting unemployed?

    I started with a National B license, managing a local amateur club. Four years later I'm at struggling Southampton, making £1M a year!
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    Aleksandar Mitrovic?

    Has anyone ever signed this guy? Available for £10M in 2017. Is he any good? Thanks.
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    Atletico Madrid

    Hey guys. So, Atletico Madrid could be seen a a great challenge, to knock Real and Barca off their permanent thrones of spanish football. However, before this year they were greatly in debts, which they still are, but then the second richest man of china bought a 20% of the club. This year in...
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    Best CB? Thiago Silva vs. Mats Hummels

    Thiago is a little more expensive, and ask for a little higher wages.. is also 4 years older. What would be your pick?