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    The Fiend v7 - Valentines Day Massacre 14/2/20

    thought would give this ago with my leamington team which ive only just been promoted to prem first 3 games 2 wins and a draw plugged it in day before first game will continue using for rest of the season see how i get on
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    Tactics from around the world
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    Wild Band: SAF Edition

    any opposition instructions
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    Tactics from around the world

    thanks but there is 1 tactic missing 4-2-3-1 v2 bus
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    Tactics from around the world

    Could someone download the 3 tactics from this link please
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    CJ's 442 - The Boo Box

    any opposition instructions
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    4-2-3-1 The Special One

    where are your logos from mate
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    3322 (352) testing needed

    hi guys i would like you to test this tactic i have done and any feedback would be appreciated to try make the tactic even better i haven't used any OI's with the tactic up to now only played 6 won 5 lost 1