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    Has The Samba Dancd To Its Final Beat?

    According To The Four Four Two Magazine - July Edition 2011 They Consider Brazilian Football To Be Dead They Believe There Football Is: -That There Football Is Ugly -There 2010 World Cup Was A Disaster -They've Got No Stars - And Most Of All That There Best Players Are Defenders But They Also...
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    Network Game French Team Only

    Hey Peeps Want to stat a network game for people who like managing in the french league English Speaking People Only Details Here; Network Name: FrenchCPA Password: Blatter Teams Been Reserved Lille Monteipleiller
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    A Kit Request Thread That Isnt As Good as Other! Cooper123456

    THE TITLE IS A JOKE BTW PEOPLE! I Have Decided To Open A Kit Thread Because I Like To Make Kits And SID Will Be Helping Make The Kits Aswell Team: Sponsor: Make: Shirt Design( Short Sleeve Or Fb Kits) Home: Away: Third(Optional) Kit Maker(SId,Cooper) Here's Some Of My Work Short Sleve (SSD...
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    world football phone-in

    i was just wondering if any1 listens to the world football phone in on radio five live at around 2:45
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    Kilmarnock 1st season striker

    hey guys i was just wondering if any one knows a striker who would destroy the scottish league with goals my budget is 0 so a loan prefrably or free player and hints of any one who as also started one with kilmarnick tips are very welcome wanted challenge so went for the team predicited bottom...
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    Wales Challenge

    The Challagne Is This: You Should Attempt To Either Get Euro Cup or world cup glory with the welsh national side withing 15 years There is 1 rule: 1) NO CHEATING Only Have The English Premier League Selected To make it go faster Good Luck Post Screen Shots Of Every 1 years worth of games on...
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    Crawley !st Season 1.3 patch

    need a striker that will score bags of goals price range £0-150k and some decent free players would be a plus thanks guyssssss
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    Cooper's Kit Thread

    Hey Gus This Another Kit Thread But I Will Only Be Using Smart Shirt Designer heres some of my work Heres the request templte team: home: away: uniique id: sponsor: make: i will only be on the website 3-4 time a week so bare that in mind if you need the kits straight away request away
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    Edwin Van Der Sar Replacement (irl)

    I would like to know who every1 thinks manchester united's number1 goalkeeper will be my brother who is manchester united thinks that david stockdale has got a chance should he be able to get the 1st team football at fulham but me personally i think Tomasz Kuszack should get the chance to...
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    need some qiuck help with some images

    Hey every1 i was just wondering if some one new of an application so to get the white background away from pictures because im in the middle of making the munich air disaster kits from the game a couple of years ago and carnt find the ribbon wore on the kit in png form with the background but...
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    Tns-goal keeper-striker

    need striker either on loan or free 2009/2010 season lfcmarshal v9 update wage budget- £900 a week transfer budget- £3500
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    Hey CM4?

    Hey guys was just about to go on cm4 and was wondering if theres any where i can get download for it from any 1 know a good link :)
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    I WOuld Like These In mY Games but.......

    hi guys was just wondering how i would go about getting this kit style in the games and game size could any1 help? BUMP DIDY BUMP
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    Sunderland Right Mid 20 Mil

    Hey guys can any1 suggest a right midfeilder for me in my 1st season for sunderland with 20MIL PLEASE
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    Update Compressed

    Was Just Wondering If Any1 Has A Compressed File Of LFCmarshalls v8 update as my laptop taakes an hour to download?