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Recent content by curly_callum

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    La Liga/BBVA starting tonight

    Hey people i will be starting a Liga BBVA fm 2011 game tonight. The game should be available every night from around 19:00-22:00(sometimes later and not wednesday) some weekends if everyone is on! Hamachi: laligabbva Password: spain Teams Taken: Barcelona - curly_callum Real Madrid -...
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    New EPL game

    Anyone want to play in the EPL with the 11.0 patch! man city have been taken, all other teams are fine!
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    anyone wanna be an epl club??? PLZZ

    you can be any club except united city and arsenal in the prem plz join :D
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    new network game in epl

    anyone can join just say what club you want and join the network on hamachi called 'top of the prem'. Im gonna be city you can be anyone. you need to have the 10.3 patch :)
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    New Network Game in Premier League

    i want a game in the premier league but i need someone to help me set it up so join and tell me what team you want i am going to be man city :) post your e-mail address and what team in the prem you want to be.