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    Any tech heads?

    I just got a the game yesterday. Sadly, it [the DVDRom drive] won't read my disk. I've no idea what's wrong with it. Any idea's? I looked it up on InfoTools, and it looks like this: Muchos gracias to anyone who reads/offers help, Daire PS When did this place go all sexy?
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    Mirindinha Game World

    Just got invited to BETA test and this is the (new?) gameworld. Anyone else get one?
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    The Chinese.

    They say don't like Tibet, whats all that about ?? Go into any bookies and there's always one or two there! :bigeyes:
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    Super Drogs.

    Started a new game as my favourite team. But instead of playing aimlessley, I have decided to set myself one goal to acheive before I leave the club. I am going to bring the team to the group stages of a European competition for the first time. First competitive competition I had was the...
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    Current Game Section

    Ever thought of having one here. Really just so I won't be clogging up the FM section with my threads! :w00t:
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    Well I started a new game with Borussia Dortmund and am really getting into it. I was only given a budget of 750k as BVB are in a really bad way when it comes to finances. And was told to acheieve a respectable league position. From trying this game before I thought I'd be fighting to get a...
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    You ain't hurt, You pathetic!

    Probably wrong section, but who cares? http://fliiby.com/file/16174/yshtdnhoag.html
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    iTunes help....

    I was in a mates house the other day, and he put some albums on to my iPod, just as files, not actually as songs, if you get what I mean. I then took the files off the "Disk Space" and put them into my iTunes Library with the rest of my songs. They play, but when I close iTunes and load it...
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    Why it sucks to be Scottish

    apart from being from the same country as gregor.. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/4881526.stm
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    Brokebck Mountain-Glasgow Style

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    What a sicko

    Sheep *******
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    Dragostei Den Tei
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    Anyone seen it?I'm going to it tonight so i'll tell ya's tomorrow. Whats it about?
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    My Sound

    My speakers are plugged in and are at full blast but there is no sound coming from them.The last thing i heared was a voice conversation on msn. Help?Please!
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    Footballs Finest

    Maybe this should be in general chat but am I the only one who can't get into www.footballsfinest.co.uk? Does anyone know what's wrong?And don't go deleting this thread because it's about another site, it's an affiliate of your site and when ever there is a problem with fm-base redders or dom...